Dream Meanings and Pregnancy

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When we dream there are common types of dreams that we have. They include digestive dreams (food), psychological, from the spiritual side, future, precognitive, new Information, knowledge, the dead or spiritual guides and context of our thoughts. Our conscious mind has no control over what we dream, they are always free spirited and derive from our conscious thoughts.
Even though dreams are studied scientifically, we all have differences in our genetic make-up that result in other possibilities when we dig deep and try to see what dreams are made of. There are many other factors that should really be considered while conducting your own dream analysis...
Other Elements that Effect Why People Dream

  • Your childhood

  • What happened during your day that was troubling?

  • What are you fearful of?

  • What do you desire and hope for?

By considering these important dream influencing elements you will be able to quickly zoom in on why people dream the dreams they do.

Sometimes dreams pregnant woman require dream analyzing to satisfy the curiosity of your subconscious mind. For example here are 3 dreams a pregnant woman may think about in her conscious day. An incubator, giving baby a kiss and doing the washing.
But What Does Each Dream Denote?

Babies in Incubators

Baby incubators seen in a dream are portents of better health for you and your family. Chicken incubators are an omen of being able to meet your obligations.

Getting and Giving Kisses
The portent of a kiss in a dream depends on the circumstances surrounding it. Kisses between married people are an omen of content; between unmarried people they predict happiness. A woman who dreams of kissing an old man will suffer disappointment. To dream of kissing a baby indicating success in a difficult undertaking. Kisses given in hypocrisy or contrary to moral code are a sign of illness or disgrace.
Cleaning Your Body and Clothes
If you dream of washing clothes in a tub, it presages that you will be called upon to act as peacemaker between quarreling lovers. Washing clothes in a machine portends a vacation with pay. To dream of washing your body is a sign of success in a new venture. If you wash a baby in a dream, you will find happiness in your home.
Dreams have been studied for ages...ancient people thought a dream was when the soul left the body to send and receive messages to a spiritual entity.

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