3 Insomnia Herbal Treatments That Are Totally Awesome!

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When it comes to choosing the best insomnia herbal treatment for yourself, options are quite plentiful. There are so many natural herbs for insomnia -- as well as ways to use those natural herbs -- that it's almost crazy to opt for drugs and over the counter medications.

In most cases, the best insomnia herbal treatment is not simply 1 thing, but a collection of different things. For instance, you wouldn't just drink chamomile herbal tea and be done with your insomnia treatment. Although this may help, that remedy alone won't pack the punch needed to knock out your insomnia problems. Having said that, choose a few different insomnia herbs to use instead of just one.

3 Common Herbs for Insomnia...

Passionflower: The ancient Aztecs used this particular herb as both a sedative and an analgesic (painkiller). This herb is great for insomnia because it has very strong sleep inducing, calming, and pain relieving properties.

Valerian: Clinical studies show that this herb has immensely powerful, beneficial properties -- those of which include lowering blood pressure, inducing sleep, heightening relaxation, relieving pain, and more.

Chamomile: A widely known natural herb that helps to relieve insomnia symptoms and induce a state of relaxation. In addition to being a remedy for insomnia, chamomile is also used for treating anxiety, mild pain, indigestion, and even inflammation.

These are just 3 of the insomnia herbs that are out there, there are many more that you can use.

Choose an Insomnia Herbal Treatment...

Use Herbs in Tea: Drink your choice of herbal tea about 20-30 minutes before bed. This will be just enough time for the effects to take action, allowing you to sleep more peacefully at night. Popular herbal teas can be picked up from local grocery and/or health stores.

Use Herbs in Bed: You won't actually be bringing the herbs into bed with you -- just the scent of the herbs. Place a few drops of your chosen insomnia herb (in oil form) onto a handkerchief and slide it into your pillow. The aroma should be potent enough to reach you, even if pushed deep inside the pillow. Most herbal oils can be found in the same places as herbal teas.

Use Herbs in Bath: Add a few drops of your favorite insomnia herb (oil form) to your warm bath. A warm bath is great for relieving stress and heightening relaxation, which will be doubly so with the right insomnia herbal oils. Do this 20-30 minutes before bed and you should be adequately relaxed for sleep.

As you can see, you're not without options when it comes to choosing an effective insomnia herbal treatment. Simply take your time and choose the right herb and insomnia remedy for you.

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