Medihoney Ointment for Natural Wound Care Treatment

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Medihoney Ointment is one of many MEDIHONEYTM products for the care and treatment of wounds and burns of both chronic and acute nature. These unique honey-based wound dressings are relied upon my medical professionals around the world reputed for their active healing components and anti-bacterial barrier for optimal wound protection from infection and bacteria. MEDIHONEYTM complete line of products save time, frustration and money by reducing the need to use separate products for cleansing, protecting and bacteria prevention.

Manufactured by Derma Sciences, Medihoney products and its customized ointment are ideal for the treatment of chronic, open wounds. It promotes healing on three levels by cleansing, removing dead skin tissue and providing a moist environment so that wounds heal thoroughly and completely. Medihoney ointment is completely safe and natural; its properties derived from pure Manuka honey long recognized for its healing properties and its beneficial anti-inflammatory properties that further promote optimal healing.

Leptospermum honey is also sometimes referred to as Manuka honey as a result of its origin from the Manuka bush, a species of plant native to New Zealand, along with its sister species the Jelly bush from Australia. This particular honey is derived from bees that feed upon the pollen and nectar of these plants that possess active compounds renowned for their healing properties. Most specifically, in the presence of wound exudate, Leptospermum honey is known to maintain its active healing compounds in the presence of wound fluid which many other dressings products fail to do because of catelese, an enzyme found within wound fluid. This in and of itself distinguishes the active Manuka-derived honey and Medihoney products from others on the markets. As a result, Medihoney ointments promote faster wound healing especially when used in combination with other Medihoney wound and burn dressings.

Medihoney ointment works best with open sores, but can be used on both chronic and acute wounds to provide a moist, antibacterial environment conducive to healing. Medihoney is indicated for wounds that are superficial, deep, necrotic, infected, surgical-caused and of the sinus tract. The ointment's Leptospermum honey acts as a natural disinfectant reducing the risk of infection, while its non-adhesive property reduces the pain and irritation during dressing changes. Parents, in particular, can appreciate the value in this when treating wounds and burns of children although adults can relate just as well to the tenderness of wound surfaces. The last thing you want is to reopening a wound at every dressing, a part of wound care that Medihoney products eliminate.

Premier wound care advantages meeting the Medihoney standard are truly exclusive to MEDIHONEYTM product line, the natural and physician-recommended management of wounds and burns.

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