Importance of Land Surveying

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Land surveying is basically an art and science of mapping and measuring land. The entire scope of profession is wide; it actually boils down to calculate where the land boundaries are situated. This is very important as without this service, there would not have been railroads, skyscrapers could not have been erected and neither any individual could have put fences around their yards for not intruding other’s land.

This service could be obtained by any field surveyor and the primary function of such surveyor is measuring, observing and mapping. This helps to determine boundary lines and get accurate measurements of your land with land survey. You need to go for it especially when you have purchased a real estate land to avoid unnecessary problems such as disputes, encroachments, and adverse claim that might arise in future. You need to consider the following when going for land survey:

•    You must first know the reason for taking a land survey, know whether it is for locating boundary lines for placing a building fence or to place a building itself.

•    Check through the list of yellow pages or do an online search for example if you are in Texas search for Texas land Surveyor or Texas Survey Company. 

•    Get in touch with few land surveyors and tell them your exact need pertaining to land survey.

•    Give the surveyor with documents of old surveys of the real estate land, title insurance policies coverage, and other relevant documents associated to the property.

•    Ask the surveying company for an estimation of the cost of taking up a land survey on your land.

•    Make inquiries about how long it would actually take to get the survey done.

•    Check the property surveyor's quality allusions and certifications.

•    Keep hold of the services of a land surveyor by giving a work order, which spells out the kind of survey work to be finished, delivery date and predictable costs.

Other warnings & tips:

•    Keep in mind that in some regions, weather might hamper a surveyor's capability to do a survey. Keep the term and weather in brains when you planning to get the survey done.
•    Purchasing a property without proper land survey could mean problem in the very near future if questions arise about the lawful boundaries of your land or the location of easements on your property.
•    Don’t miss out on getting everything in written.

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