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As a kid growing up, I always used to marvel and envy other kids my age who were really making names for themselves on TV and in the movies!
There was Gary Coleman from Different Strokes, Missy Gold in Benson, the Olsen twins Full house, Drew Barimore in ET, Thora Birch in Monkey Trouble... I could go on and on, but the list is endless!
The sad thing is, all I could do, was marvel and dream, and that was the end of it.

Back then, there was no internet to speak of to research how to become a child Movie star, or how to enter photo contests, have your pictures in the most popular magazines and stand a high chance of being spotted by casting agents!
To add salt to injury, my Parents, bless their souls, knew little about becoming a tv star!
To them, it was all a waste of time and there was no room to discuss this further!

The closest I ever came to being featured on TV, was through America's Funnies Home Videos!
Even then, our so called funniest family video,  a show-stopper of me, aged 4 then, being dragged by our dog on the beach in South Carolina, did not win us anything, let alone make it to any finals.

How times have changed!

Today however, with all the information at our disposal, the shere demand of child stars and photographs to avail to casting agents, is at an all time high!
At no time in our history have we had so many opportunities to do, literally anything we can imagine!

Back then, our parents dictated what they desired us to become, it was either a Doctor or Lawyer, end of the story!
Today, many stay at home Moms are literally Managers to their childrens' acting careers!

I remember a few months back when my spouse and I were stranded at Heathrow Airport London, due to the Volcanic ash covering the skies from Iceland.
Whilst at the airport, we bumped into this lady with 3 very frustrated Kids. I mean, the kids were really frustrated, as if they were in a hurry to be somewhere.

On closer inspection, the lady revealed to us that two of her 3 kids, aged 9 and 11, were regulars in TV commercials, and had a couple of big gigs (as she called them) lined up for them back in LA the next day but, with the airports shut down, there was no chance they would be able to make it, if at all!
Her third child, aged 15, had just completed a glossy magazine shoot for child fashion!

The story gets even more interesting. The way these 3 kids were first introduced to the limelight, was through the Cutest Baby Photo Contest!
For those not acquainted with the Cutest Baby Photo Contest, this is a very popular site where parents can submit their cutest children's photos and, if your baby's photos are selected, you stand to win a large ward of cash.

As the cutest baby photo contest is a once-off competition, doesn't it mean that the moment your baby's photos are selected, and you win, that's the end of the story?
As it turns out, this lady used this exposure her children received from the Cutest Baby Photo Contest, together with assistance from the contest organizers, to "beef" up her childrens potfolios and then submitted these to bigger agencies!

Ingenious, who would've thought!

Times have really changed indeed!
Just imagine a stay at home mom having young kids making more money than the parents do, combined!

Well, whilst I am no fan of child labor etc, times have really changed, and the definition of work these days is a thin green line between poverty and affluence!
With the economy the way it is today, most of us are stuck in regular jobs we wouldn't skip a heartbeat to run away from, if an alternative was presented!

Having met the young lady at the airport in London, I must confess, the remaining days before flying back to Colorado, where we live currently, were the most uncomfortable I've ever experienced.
The days just brought back floods of childhood memories of wanting to become a TV star!
I was so envious of this woman and her fortune!
Admittedly, I was a bit jealous, but I wish her well, she deserves all the fame her kids get, because she and her husband, I would assume, were smart enough to plan ahead for her children's future!

College or no College, anyone's future can be a little bit better and brighter with financial security. I stand corrected but, with all the College Diplomas I have, I don't see a Casting agent knocking on my door offering me a 5 figure weekly income!

So, upon arrival back home in the States, my husband and I dug back into Business mode! We have 3 adorable and smart kids anyway.
Whatever you may think, each parents thinks they have the most perfect of angels they call their children!

This brings me to the next point. My husband and I have always known about the cutest baby photo Contest but, like all late night informatials, everyone knows about them, but we all think it's a scam!

Get your baby into the Cutest baby Photo Contest here

So, from now on, I'm taking everything with a pinch of salt and have since entered all our kids into the Cutest Baby Photo Contest!
Smart move? I should like to think so. I mean, a perfect homerun is not hit the first time, if ever... it takes practice, and the more competitions we enter our kids, and use the internet to find credible casting companies, the closer that home run becomes no?

We've done our due dilligence however, and it turns out the cutest baby photo contest is a regular and trusted source for child photography contests.

Besides, I have family working in Internet Security, so they all gave the cutest baby photo contest  two thumbs up as a legimiate company that's helping ordinary families unearth extraordinary talents their kids have.

So, do you have similar plans as we do to enter your kids into the Cutest baby photo Contest? Then what are you waiting for?!

The cutest baby photo contest has never been more popular than in these times.

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