What Is Difference Between Dry or Dehydrated Skin, An Overview

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So, you think you have dry skin but are you sure about exact skin type? Millions of people suffer from skin issues but they are unable to get right remedy. The reason may be they are unaware of their dermal type. You may have dehydrated skin and use of dry skin care products will not give you the right result. First thing, you must know about your skin type and then choose the right product. There are some similarities in the dry or dehydrated skin but you should know the difference.


Dry Skin: When there is a lack of essential oils in your skin. It just dries all the time.

Dehydrated Skin: The is a skin type with the lack of water or moisture. Dehydrated skin gives a feel of oily and dry at the same time.

Similarity: Both skin types deliver irritation, itchiness, and flaky skin. Even you can feel, this will not give a gentle touch.

What Are The Cause Of Dry or Dehydrated Skin?

Spontaneous Aging: Over the time, spontaneous growth in age influences the normal change in the body. The sebaceous gland decreases with the growing age. It stops to produce or regenerate the oil glands and natural skin hydration. These changes can affect your skin. At one time, your skin has to go through common skin issues.

Environmental Changes: Sun exposure for a long time results the skin to evaporate the natural hydration or water. It is a cause when sunburned skin requires moisture or water. Sun exposed area also gets redness which needs to be calmed. Contrastingly, when the cold winds blow, it just soaks the natural moisturizer. Use of air conditioning units also does the same. Overall, an environment with low temperature is a cause of dry or dehydrated skin and premature aging sign.

Modern Lifestyle: Modern lifestyle influences the people to stay away from the fatty diets. But your boycott with fatty products also do away you from the skin friendly essential oils. When it comes to the beverages, alcoholic beverages have become a trend these days. But it may not deliver a positive result for your internal or external system whether it is skin or internal digestion system.

Medication: There are some certain medications which may cause of dry or dehydrated skin for example Nasal Decongestants.

Unhealthy Skin Products: Low-quality skin and beauty care products can never satisfy with their cross – fingered results. Unknowingly products include chemicals or low-quality ingredients which are not sure to give satisfaction but definitely damage the skin. On the other side, products contain menthol, peppermint, denatured alcohol or fragrances damage dermal properly. Think twice when choosing these products.

How To Get Faster Relief From Dry Or Dehydrated Skin Issues?

The one line answer of this question is, use skin care products for dehydrated or dry skin, which are:

  • Natural Ingredients Made

  • Medically Tested

  • FDA Approved

  • Chemical Free

  • Suitable To Your Skin Type

You may know several products but let you know about some of the most important products that you can use for better result these are:

Scrub: Unlike many intensive products, scrub consists active ingredients to remove the impurities gently.

Cleanser: A moisturizing skin care cleanser removes all day pollutants. It is also the best option to remove make-up.

Moisturizer or Cream: A dehydrated skin care cream maintains the balance between dry or dehydrated skin to locking the equal amount of moisturizer.

Peel Off: Active enzymes containing peel off not only delivers the moisture but also eliminates the anti-aging signs which are the result of dryness.

Mask: This can be used for more than 10 minutes to plump up and refine the skin.

Night Cream: A night cream contains a number of hyaluronic acids that works with the skin overnight to get back an uneven tone.

Choosing right skin care products for dehydrated skin or even any type of skin is really a daunting task. But it is a matter of your beauty and you should not neglect it at all. Once you stop using any product and give preference to high-quality products, you will be amazed to see a wonderful change in your look.

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