Opening a blocked site - Cara membuka Situs Mesum dan Situs Bugil Yang di Blokir Pemerintah

  • Dec 13, 2010
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Membuka Situs Mesum dan Situs Bugil yang Di Blokir Pemerintah - In some schools, universities, or government agency with specific sites such as Facebook are blocked. It is the aim for no air-up fun during the time of work / school. For those who do not know how would not be able to open the site. When in fact, there are some tricks and how to open blocked sites. Certain countries, like China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, set a strict policy against sites on the Internet. There are Web sites that are censored / blocked by the government with a specific reason. For example in Saudi Arabia, a site that talk about sex, video mesum Kepala Desa, gambar bugil Debby Ayu, foto syur, artis bugil, dan beberapa Keyword Mesum diblokir termasuk Gambar Toket Rahma Azhari.

While in China, a site that talk about sex, Tibet or democracy is blocked. not infrequently also social networking sites like facebook, twitter, flickr, yahoo messenger, and some blog services also participated blocked. One way to open blocked sites is to use the Add-Ons or add-in Firefox browser. Add Ons The name is Phzilla. Phzilla will open the pages of blocked sites with just one click away. Phzilla works like a mirror between the Internet and users. Phzilla reflect (download) sites that are blocked from the server to another server. In other words, users do not actually open the site from the server directly, but from another server that is not blocked.

Add-on Installation Guide Fire Fox Used:

1. The first note is you have to use firefox as browser.
2. Open the following website address (https: / / /)
3. Click the green button labeled "Add to Firefox".
4. After that will appear the option "install" or "cancel", click "install"
5. Close, then open again (restart) Firefoxnya.

How to Use this Firefox Add-on:

If the installation was successful, if the mouse brought near in the status bar icon will appear in the form of the letter P is circled.

* Right-click to bring up the full menu
* Click on the left, to enter the website address is typed
* Click on the middle (roll mouse): opening address of the site in a new tab.

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