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Being social animal human beings aren't the same as other animals as we posses' feelings and inner thoughts. Everlasting relationships could be seen in humankind. However unfortunately embracing today's world everyone has started believing in shortcuts; reducing everything in their lives, whether it be communication, travelling or human relationships. Today's world is seeing several temporary romance relationship among people. Chasing the rat race they've very little time to stop and think over relationships. And that's where this question arises "how to get one's ex back?" as they start thinking about their relationships.

A relationship begins with a man meeting a woman. Then with much effort a relationship is realised and with much lesser effort it is broken into bits. It's just a little flow air that can slide down big bundles of cards.

Realizing the other person is very much needed to start a new relationship. They must respect each other. Without respect there can't be real love and love is an essential thing which connects them. Infatuation and love are two different words with two different meanings but has been confused in the modern world as alternatives. Infatuation is synonymous to lust and attraction but not to love though it may lead to love but not love. Today's women and men get fascinated easily, get attracted to each other and enter relationships hastily. Once they realize that there exist no loves between them there is a split up. After sometime when they're filled with emptiness then they come up with the question "how to get one's ex back?"

Winning back one's ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend is just not an easy task.Trust plays an integral role in the sustenance of a relationship. Re-lighting the old flame requires the rejuvenation of that old trust which once existed.

Answering to the question "how to get one's ex back?" needs one to ponder over the reasons which resulted in break up. After being sure of the reasons one should look for the probable ways or in other words solutions. If he/she has committed the mistake then it should be fixed at any cost. But if the other side is at fault then he/she must attempt to understand why such situation came about.

The very first thing to be done before winning back their old flames is to distract themselves from all of these feelings. They should not think about their old flames. Try to give some space to the relationship and let it be as it is. Then there will arise two choices; first one being the possibility of moving on while the second option is to get back to their old flame as it confirms true love.

Begging to get back can intensify up the situation. Furthermore trying to create a sympathetic environment in the eyes of the ex is another bad thought. It results in loss in self esteem of an individual wherein one loses his/her personality. Getting back to earlier relationship status is about restoration of belief, trust and love without losing one's identity and self esteem. Self esteem is an integral part of one's personality and without a proper persona one cannot sustain in their relationship.

Staying calm and composed is very essential. Doing their everyday routine as if nothing has happened attracts the attention of their old flame. Jealousy can be many ways helpful as real love needs certain level of jealousy. The most important of all is making old flames realize the presence of unconditional love and trust.

It will always be better not lose people rather than to ask "How to get your ex gf back fast or How to get your ex bf back fast?"

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