9 Types of Electric Switches Available in the Indian Market!

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Electric switches are nothing but simple devices that typically make or break an electrical circuit automatically or manually. Switches are primarily known as binary devices. These are defined by the principle of ON or OFF mechanism. Switches are either ‘on’ which means that there’s no interruption in the flow of electricity throughout the circuit. Or they are ‘off.' This means that the flow of electricity has been ceased.

The types of switches primarily differ on the basis of circuit connections made by them. Two vital components of electric switches are poles and throw that pinpoint the type of connection a switch can make. These two elements also define switch contact variations. The pole here can be termed as – the number of circuits that can be controlled by a switch. On the other hand, throw means the number of positions that a switch can adopt. Here below, we detail upon 9 main types of electrical switches.

Toggle Switches

These are basic types of switches that are also known as Single Pole Single Throw Switches. As the name suggests, these devices have a single pole and a single throw. This means that when the switch is turned on, it enables the current to reach the socket. While on the other hand, when the switch is turned off, it disables the flow through the two terminals of the circuit. These are a typical example of home electrical switches.

Push Button Switches

These are used in many electronic circuits and designs. Push button switches give away a momentary connection and are used for delivering a push on – push off action. These are two-position devices that enable an electric connection when the button is pressed on and then released. Most push button switches also have a spring attached to them that pull the button out to its normal resting state.

Rotatory Switches

As the name says, these devices activate a connection when their knobs are rotated. Spinning them in the right position allows the relevant connections to establish. Since rotatory switches can have different positions, these permit a specific point to connect to one of the other points in the circuit and hence, enable the flow of electricity.

Proximity Switches

These types of smarter switches sense a metallic machine portion either through a magnetic field or a high-frequency electromagnetic field and trigger a closed switch mechanism whenever a machine part comes to its proximity range. Complex forms of proximity switches work as metal detectors that energize a wire or a coil with its high-frequency current and automatically monitor the magnitude of the current flowing through them. The catch is that when a metallic part comes close to the coil, the flow of current drastically increases. It smartly decreases when the metallic part goes away from it.

Temperature Switches

A temperature switch comprises of a bimetallic strip with two metals that are combined back-to-back. Each of these metals features a different level of thermal expansion characteristic. When the strip cools or heats up, the rate of thermal expansion holding the two metals cause it to bend and begin a switch contact mechanism.

Joy Stick Switches

Such switches are operated with the help of a lever that enables them to move on more than one axis of motion. The primary contact mechanism of these switches depends on the way their levers are being pressed or moved and how far are they being pushed.

Phase Changeover Switches

These electric switches are also known as modern housing smart switches. These are particularly designed for multi-phase connections and enable many other features to propel in the same phase. These are also very useful in the installation of small offices, residences, and restaurants.

MCB Switches

Miniature Circuit Breakers or MCBs are smarter switches that protect appliances against electric overloads and short circuits as well as save wires, cables, and equipment from damaging. These are widely used in residential and commercial segments.

Rocker Switches

Rocker switches are available with single as well as double pole options in both, illuminated and non-illuminated quality. These basically have a seesaw action. When one side of the switch is pressed, it slides down to close the contacts. While on the other hand, when the other side is pushed, the switch opens the contacts.

Each of these switches, as mentioned above, have their own features and functions that make them distinct and important electric devices. Electronic switches are economical and widely available in the market. One can also buy electrical switches online in India.

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