Dominican Republic Vacation

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Relaxing, peaceful, beautiful and affordable are all words that describe a Dominican Republic vacation. The area known as the Dominican Republic is located on an island in the Caribbean Sea known as Hispaniola. Two thirds of the eastern sections of the island are deemed the Dominican Republic. People come to this area looking for the beautiful beaches, perfect weather and lively culture. A Dominican Republic Vacation is a definite treat.

The Dominican Republic has a lot to offer. In addition to miles of sandy beaches, there are mountains, tropical gardens and plenty of wildlife to explore. A Dominican Republic vacation can truly allow one to simply enjoy nature and its splendor. Tourism continues to increase as more people are discovering what it has to offer. A Dominican Republic vacation can allow an individual to explore the arts and culture of a very diverse, but to most people relatively unknown culture.

A passport is required to travel to this wonderful island. It is important to know the steps needed to obtain this. During peak seasons it may take several months to complete the process so it is important to start the process early. The Dominican Republic also requires foreign tourists to obtain a visa known as a Tourist Card. It is obtained strictly for tourism purposes and is valid for thirty days while he or she is on their Dominican Republic vacation. The cost is ten dollars and it can be obtained at the Dominican Consulate. For those who are unable to go this route it can also be obtained at the airport once he or she arrives to begin their Dominican Republic vacation. Rules and regulations vary depending on one’s country of residence but the United States and any other US citizens in addition to their passport only are required to have the Tourist card.

The lodging accommodations are plentiful. Homes and hotels can be found throughout the area and allow vacationers a wide variety of choices. The temperature is warm year round and the beaches are always open. When going on a Dominican Republic vacation remember to bring sunglasses and sunscreen because the sun can be very hot. There are a variety of activities to enjoy. There are many National Parks where people can walk and explore the land. There are legal gaming casinos present for those who feel a little lucky. Many of these casinos also offer many special events and promotions for patrons to enjoy. For those who want souvenirs from their Dominican Republic vacation there are an unlimited number of shopping areas. Whether an individual is looking for a large mall or a small boutique there is something to fit everyone’s needs.

Sports and recreational activities are also very popular. Boating and other outdoor activities such as surfing and diving are very popular. There are generally several different sporting events also being held. Golf is a very popular pastime and some people plan a Dominican Republic vacation simply to golf. Last but not least the beautiful beaches are always a favorite pastime. A Dominican Republic vacation has something for everyone.

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