Self Service Storage Business – Creating An Environment Of Safety And Security

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One of the most challenging aspects of maintaining a profitable and successful self service storage business is to offer clients and potential customers an environment of security and safety. Clients who store their items and property on your premises need to be confident that their belongings will be safe from damage or theft. A successful business owner can help convey this sense of security by surrounding the property with a tall security fence, the use of twenty-four hour a day cameras, and even the employment of a security guard. He or she can also include certain written guarantees of the safety of the stored objects, offer insurance policies to clients, and highlight the past performance of the unit with regards to security.

Security begins at the property’s border. Therefore, most self storage facilities invest in tall fence, usually topped with barbed or razor wire, and accessible only through a gate. This entry gate is in turn usually only accessible with a key or with the pass code. This system makes sure that only those people who are supposed to be on the property are on the property.If the self service storage facility is indoors (this is more common in colder climates or larger cities), then the same function can be served by separating the common area (the lobby where potential future customers can enter) from the storage area (where only current customers should be admitted.

With the continued production of increased technology, video cameras have become increasingly cheap. Therefore, many owners or proprietors have video recording systems installed. These systems can range from a one camera operation to systems with dozens of cameras. The more cameras a client sees, the safer he or she assumes their stored items to be. Some facilities even do to the trouble of installing fake cameras to both deter theft and create an air of security.

If your storage business is located in a bad part of town where crime is rampant and a constant threat, then the employment of a full time security guard may be necessary to not only secure the premises, but to also show clients that you are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of their stored items. Employing a guard can be an expensive step. However, there are companies that provide security guards for small businesses these days. These services can make the use of guards more affordable.

Another way to help portray a sense of security to current or potential clients deals less with physical attributes and more with paperwork. Some facilities offer security guarantees in which they promise in writing that nothing will happen to the stored items. This is usually ultimately a farce as most companies include several loop holes in the contract which will allow them to skirt the guarantee. However, the affect is the same. People are more likely to store their items at the facility, even if it does not look like the most secure place in the world, if they think that their items are safe. Most companies also offer insurance to clients. This means that for a small fee a third party will guarantee the safety of the stored items. This works like any other insurance policy and is a great way to limit the liability of lost, stolen, or damaged property.

By utilizing these qualifications, a self service storage business can help maintain a sense of security and thereby ensure its continued profitability.

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