Uses of Linkwheel In India - A Tool to Promote Your Business

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There have been thousands of techniques in internet marketing that have helped users bring their businesses to the first page of search engines. One of the most recent techniques has been the link wheel. What makes a link wheel such a successful tool of internet marketing is the simple fact that it uses the power of web 2.0 properties, article directories and blogposts to create an artificial wheel of backlinks that connect to each other. The uses of a linkwheel are not as predominant as one would find several customers not understanding the immense potential of a linkwheel in India.

However, as in the case of every strategy of internet marketing in India, content remains king even in the case of a linkwheel. Content posted in each property must be free from spelling and grammar errors and unique. Spun and duplicate content can break your web rankings, while unique will make your rankings. Another important step to be undertaken while developing a link wheel in India is to do the keyword research right. Search Engines offer keyword analysis software, which can help understand how competitive your keywords are, and suggest better ranking keywords for your site. The latest algorithmic changes in search engines work better for longtail keywords and not single or double worded ones.

In the case of a linkwheel in India, there would be a mix of blogposts, web 2.0 properties and article directory postings, each linking to another, while one link is passed on to a hub page or your money site. Web 2.0 properties should be chosen carefully, as there are several sites which have high rankings, but are very unstable. Since a linkwheel is like a vine, one bad link can be fatal to whole linkwheel. Also, simple techniques like using the keywords in the titles of the articles, using a right font, and creating anchor text links can work wonders. The key of creating a link wheel is to make it seem like a realistic article with content that anyone would love to read. Adding some spice in the content with some emotions and humor can make the article seem all the more interesting.

There are open and closed linkwheels, each having its own advantages in providing search engine results. Latest internet marketing in India trends show a greater propensity towards open linkwheels over closed ones. One can learn all this information from the right service provider, who will be the savior for your website. Choosing the right organization might be tough in the beginning, but once you have found it, your business will just rock and roll.

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