Making Modifications to Your Car? Be Sure To Inform Your Insurer

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It is unfortunate to note that young male drivers below the age twenty-five have been involved in nearly half of all fatal motor accidents that happen in Ireland. More often than not these cars are driven in a dangerous manner, with scarce concern for the safety of other road users. In addition, many of these cars also are modified by the young owner to increase the power and speed of the vehicle.

There are famous devices such as the famous Pete's box for increasing the BHP of the car. Black market engine tuning chips can add anywhere up to thirty percent increases to the maximum power of the car's engine. Installing these devices may transform an owner of a 1.6 car into an owner of a 2 litre car for all practical purposes. And this is one of the popular trends among young Irish males, and increasingly females also.

Not only do these young hot bloods change the car's intrinsic build, but frequently many of them also fail to inform this to the insurance provider. The effect of failing to inform this change can be significant. By not updating the insurer, the car owner is breaching his duty of disclosure. As a consequence the can may be deemed to be uninsured in spite of buying insurance.

In unfortunate events such as accidents, non-disclosure as mentioned above can lead to serious results. The owner of the insurance may lose the rights to make any claim either for the car or for any medical injury that he would have sustained from the accident. The third party insurance still remains intact, but the car owner – who is also the violator of the norms in this case – stands a chance to lose significant money because of non-coverage from insurance.

The bottom line here is that if you are a motorist you must make sure to inform any changes that you make to your car to your car insurance provider so that you are insured – and more so if you are a young driver.

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