Polish and wax your car. Twice as fast

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Polishing and waxing your car is a major chore that what most people pay a service to do for them. But if you make the investment in an electric random orbit polisher, you can do it yourself in about 15 minutes with some practice.

First apply a bead of polish on every panel on your car. Now take your electric polisher and manually spread the polish on the panel that you're working on. Turn it on at medium speed and make one pass over the entire panel. Then turn up to speed and make a second pass. This will turn the polish into dust.

Repeat the process on every panel of your car, being careful to stay away from your plastic trim. Now that you've turned your polish into dust you can proceed immediately to the waxing phase. Just like with the polish, apply a bead of wax to every panel on your car. And also just like the polish, you will manually spread the wax around on your panel.  Turn up your polisher to a fast speed and polish most of the wax into dust.

There will of course be some wax residue left on your painted panels. So walk around the car with some spray detailer and mist the spray detailer on every panel of your car. Now take two microfiber towels, one per hand, and remove the wax in a circular motion with both arms.

The combination of using an electric polisher to apply your wax and polish, and not washing your car between your polishing and waxing steps, can cut your polish and waxing times in half. With less effort, the chore of polishing and waxing your car can be done more frequently.

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