The Continuous and Rising Support for Struggling Syrian Refugee Girls

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The world we live in has been going through lot of issues and we continue to hear these stories from around the globe about how terrorism and other factors have been deteriorating the lifestyle across various countries. The war in Syria has been affecting not just the people in Syria, but also other countries that are surrounded by it. Although, it seems like the situation is very much in control, but the fact is that the war has been going on inflicting damage on the young and females living in Syria. The Civil War in Syria is certainly affecting women as they become collateral in this war between the armed forces and rebels that continue to resist.

While there are many people and organizations that have come forward to rescue women and children inflicted by the damage done in Syria, there has been an ongoing issue across the globe as more and more Syrian girls are being forced to wed in the name of being safeguarded. Many see this as exploitation in the name of support as they believe that these girls often have very little choice but to seek shelter in the homes of their husbands that can protect them only after they're married. However, with marriage happening at such age there is a serious health risk that these women go through.

The number of Syrian refugees has only increased in the past year and there are many families that are flocking out of the country to ensure that they are safe. However with economic problems these families are unable to support their daughters which often lead to child marriage which seems like a quick and easy solution to resolve their financial problems. Another major problem with these families is that they lack basic education and therefore they are not really aware of what health risks they pose when girls get married at an early age.

Most of the girls are not physically and mentally prepared for what's going to come in the future and how they can manage their lives. Some of the girls are already demanding divorce because they are not really happy with their current husbands. Media has been continuously pouring out stories about struggling Syrian refugee girls who are being married to husband without their will. With the help of more online support like and organizations this thing has been brought under control but there are many Syrians that are still flocking out of the country who need support.

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