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Like all smart phones it can also support a variety of applications that range from business, gaming, to personal training. When you visit the Android App store be sure to notice that many health and fitness applications have become very popular. There are many applications that are designed to help you stay fit, while others will show you how to perform first aid and other life saving tips. Let's look at a few such applications you can use to stay fit with your T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide.

Cardio Trainer is an application that will record previous cardiovascular running times and will set challenges so that the user can try and beat them. It includes a virtual race simulator with a voice telling the user of his progress and keeping him motivated. It can also be enhanced with an additional weight loss module by paying an additional amount of money. Not only is this the perfect running coach but this app will also track the history of all of your work our history. It can also be integrated with Google Maps to allow a more detailed analysis of your progress like the distance covered, the speed and altitude.

Another application is the "Fast Food Calorie Counter" which contains data from about 72 fast food restaurants and lets you keep track of the amount of calories you may consume as a result of your fast food craving. It's a perfect application to help people who are fond of eating out, stick to their diet and check their calorie intake. "Calorie Counter by FatSecret" also serves the same purpose and helps you watch your weight by recording the amount of calories you consume per meal.

One of the best apps that will surely help you get to your ideal weight it "Absolute Fitness". If you do not like to use many different applications, then this is the answer for you, because it is a complete package of everything you will need. Not only is a lot of different information displayed but it also allows the user to back-up the data online.

The accessories include cases, batteries, screen protectors, Bluetooth headsets, memory cards and a lot more universal accessories like Signal boosters, desktop sockets etc. Unlike other phones that came out before it, the T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide battery comes better equipped with a better power source. A case comes in a variety of styles including snap-on as well as waterproof cases. Having a Smartphone is becoming more than just a need. They help us in our lifestyles by helping us stay organized and on top of things. There are plenty of applications to chose from and a variety of vendors who provide them for free. Paying for a personal trainer is no longer needed, with the right applications your smart phone will do it free of charge.

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