Listening to Music with the Motorola Atrix

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Before the Motorola Atrix it was unheard of having a call phone that was almost a laptop. Not only does this device have amazing hardware but it also features on Google's Android. This means that there are going to be tens of thousands of apps, many of those revolving around some of the best for streaming, downloading, and listening to music.

AT&T is a service provider that took its time getting in to the smart phone market. They did mess around with many different devices but none really showed any results. This all came to a screeching halt with their release of the Motorola Atrix. This phone and it's now iconic laptop dock, is one of the most powerful phones available. Featuring a hefty processor and the Android operating system, it was built for streaming media applications. There is a long line of music apps waiting to be downloaded on this phone, but here are the five best that stick out from the pack.

Shazam should be one of the first music apps that is ever thrown onto a phone. Whether it is a TV commercial or a song on the radio, simply turning on this app and setting it next to any song will identify it by the tune or lyrics and even direct the user on where to download it. Even if there is a case equipped Shazam will still pick up the sound and identify the song. Lyric search allows the user to look up the complete lyrics. Searching via song name or artist, this app wades through the Lyricswiki and will attempt to collect and display lyrics. Users may want to invest in some  accessories, like the WebTop dock for all the song information that these two apps will provide.

Another app that is perfect for streaming music while not connected to Wi-Fi or 3G is SlackerRadio. Although it looks like a regular music player there is much more to this app than meets the eye. It is really a great app for listening to music while on the road or when at home. One program that works very similar to SlackerRadio is LastFM. This app allows users to input songs or artist they like and will stream music based on genre or music type.

Last but not least is the greatest music app of them all, Pandora Radio. This app works similar to LastFM, but takes the customized radio station a step further. Over 2000 unique features are used to decipher user's exact taste in music. Keep an eye on that Motorola Atrix battery with this app; it is unlikely the phone will be receiving a break from custom streaming music anytime soon.

The Atrix was designed so well that it can perform many functions. Too bad that we have to sleep or else the Atrix would be streaming music non-stop 24/7.

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