Mobile Applications for Traffic and Driving

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The Smart phone has turn by turn navigation in combination with Google maps that makes using this phone as a GPS easy as pie. Using Google maps, the touch screen phone can provide bus schedule information along with current traffic information. The cell phone accessories allow cell phone users to make the best of the GPS capabilities from the phone. There are all other sorts of accessories that make using this phone attractive and fun.

The only problem with this great GPS navigation on this phone is that when a car goes out of mobile network coverage and lose signal the GPS no longer works which could be a problem for a person who frequents areas that are not in the mobile coverage area. However there is back up GPS software that can be purchased so that drivers aren't left in an area with any coverage completely stranded. It might not be a problem for those in specific areas with constant coverage.

When it has mobile coverage, it can calculate a length of a trip down to its exact second. It keeps intact with the traffic to constantly update the information with accuracy. People can access the weather of their next destination and look at traffic photos and data on the road. For those who want to use their phone as a GPS a smart phone may be a good choice. The iPhone even offers Tom Tom and other notable GPS applications on their respective iTunes market.

There are always going to be those that do not believe this phone has the best features available. It has a somewhat slow internet browser and a limited selection of apps that may not be as high quality as those available for other phones. The media player on this phone is nothing to brag about especially in comparison to the iPhone and the camera on the phone isn't anything special either. The camera is a somewhat higher quality than those on other smart phones at 5 mega pixels but it is a bit difficult to focus well. Acquiring a case and a screen protector are the ideal ways to stay fashionable and keep your phone protected.

The Smart phone caters to those with specific needs. The GPS system is completely functional and provides great different features. Those who want a better media player or a better camera may be interested in another phone, though. Keep your smart phones protected with HTC Evo accessories and Apple iPhone 4 accessories. If a smart phone is well equipped with accessories you can get the most out of it.

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