The Release of the Samsung Infuse

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When the original Infuse was released, there was a lot of talk about how it was the best tablet that had ever been created and that no other tablet will come close to surpassing Samsung's creation. Nearly a year after the release of the Infuse, Samsung announced the release of their second tablet computer, the Infuse. Although it is hard for other tablet creators to compete with the Infuse many it is a known fact that only Samsung can create something that is better. That is what Samsung has done with their second tablet; they have created a product that is faster, more durable and has a better battery life than their previous product.

Although this new version of the Infuse is very similar in size, users will not be able to use old cases on the Infuse. Third Party and OEM manufacturers will be able to create accessories such as cases for this tablet. Probably one of the most important accessories for any tablet is a screen protector. This may not enhance the overall image, but it will protect a person's rather pricy investment. Having an Infuse with a scratched screen is almost unbearable and it is quite hard to enjoy it after it is ruined.

One of the top accessories that can be bought is the Samsung Infuse case. So far, with the release of the product being so recent, there are just a few different quality cases that can be purchased. The first case that was released by Samsung with the Infuse is the Infuse Smart Cover. This amazing case is designed to keep the front of this device looking brand new. It also cleans the screen while also protecting it. The material that this accessory is made from is microfiber cloth that is usually used is many cleaning cloths. This particular case is handy in that it is capable of waking and putting to sleep the Infuse when not in use. It is great for saving battery power while at the same time being stylish enough for the user.

Overall, the Infuse is much more complete product than the original Infuse. Although many will feel that many of the new features should have been included in the original version, consumers will not complain much as they can now take full advantage of them. The new Infuse has strengthened Samsung's hold on the tablet market and is likely to continue their dominance for many more years.

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