Top Accessories and Social Networking Programs for the Samsung Charge

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Although many new phones are released every year, finding the perfect one can still be a very challenging task. One cell phone that comes very close to doing almost anything that the mind can think of is the Samsung Charge. Verizon teaming up with Apple means that users have another choice as to where they can purchase their device from.

One of the first reasons why a user may want to consider the Samsung Charge is that it has some of the best accessories available. The accessories offer users a way to truly customize their mobile device. Also because it is so popular there are many unique accessories to choose from. The most essential accessories are the case and the screen protector. A screen protector does not offer style but it will ensure that your screen stays clean and scratch less.

One of the best things about the Charge is that it is more than just a phone; users can play games, get directions to their favorite restaurant and find the best prices online for just about anything. Programs that can be purchased or acquired for free through the Apps store is what allows the Chargeto blossom in the amazing phone that it is. No longer do people need to use paper maps to find where they are or wait until they can get to their computer to find the best price on a sweater, the applications that can be found in the App Store do these tasks for the user.

Facebook is the number one downloaded program for any phone and that includes the iPhone. It is funny how easy social networking is with this program.  This device automatically saves the login information so that users do not need to constantly log in every time they want to use this program. The ability to connect and update their status without a hassle makes Facebook one of the best apps for users. There are however, other apps that come very close to being number one with Facebook. Twitter is one of the newest apps and is also one of the must have apps for Twitter users, but since there is more than one Twitter app, it is impossible for any single app to be the best.

Overall, the Social Networking applications are the majority of the must have apps for the Samsung Charge. Social networking has surpassed emails in the way people communicate over the web. With Chargeapps, people will not miss anything while they are away from their computers or televisions. Along with accessories like the Samsung Charge case this will also be a stylish looking device.

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