When and Where to Use the Samsung Charge

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Although people tend to use smart phones just about wherever they can, there is generally still a taboo against using smart phones such as the Samsung Charge in restaurants. Restaurants do vary in their size, use, quality, and prestige, but it is a good rule of thumb to try to keep from being on the phone when you are in a fancy restaurant with candles and live music playing in the background. There is nothing more annoying that trying to have dinner with a loved one and they're doing nothing but checking their text and email messages on their phone.

Another place where you might not want to use your Samsung Charge is at church. Generally, a church (or a mosque, synagogue or any other place for worship), is considered to be a place of worship. They are considered private facilities that allow many other people to get in touch with their spiritual self. Even if you are not a very religious person by nature, it is still a good idea to be respectful of other people around you, especially if you are deliberately entering what is traditionally considered to be a place of worship.

And of course, another place you definitely do not want to use your Samsung Charge is at the movie theater. These places are perhaps one of the few that one person can go somewhere, relax and just watch. But, just like at the restaurant or the church, a movie can be ruined by one ring of a phone. Although it is natural to want to talk a little to other people when you are in a movie theater, it is just good manners to put your phones on silent when the movie starts.

And if you plan on using your Samsung Charge at these sorts of places, we still think it's a good idea to refrain from doing so, simply to avoid getting dirty looks or being an inconvenience to people who are trying to enjoy quiet times by themselves or with family members. It common courtesy to keep quiet, especially at libraries and such, even if they don't mind you so much to speak out loud.

As you can see, there are actually a number of places where it would not be proper to use a smart phone in general or the Samsung Charge in particular, even if you are given permission to do so or have a more urgent need to do so. With that said, you might want to consider using the numerous accessories you might want to look into to enhance the functionality of your smart phone when you are actually able to use it. Good examples of accessories include a charger, a case, and a battery.

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