100 Cup Coffee Makers Can Help Your Gathering Go Smoothly

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If you are somebody who regularly organizes events or big gatherings and you want to keep all of your guests happily entertained, then a 100 cup coffee maker might be a great investment. My first experiences with 100 cup coffee urns was at church lunches and barbebues. I also recall them being present at my son's elementary school during "meet-the-teacher night" and other such events. The bottom line is that big gatherings require food and drink on a large scale, and constantly brewing with a 12 cup coffee maker throughout the evening will be an endless headache.

The most popular type of 100 cup coffee makers are urns. There is an impressive degree of variation in price from unit to unit. It is easy to find urns that sell for as little as $100 or less, and these should function without any problem. But professional grade urns sell for as much as $600, and obviously these ones are generally much more durable and can take a beating and withstand repeated use. One feature that varies noticably depending on the price range is the spigot, the device from which you pour coffee into your cup. On the cheaper units, the spigots may not open and close with as much precision as they do on the higher-end units, so spills or dripping can occur fairly often.

---> Check out 100 cup coffee makers

One of the important features of large coffee urns is that they keep coffee warm for a long time. Thermal carafes also do this, but the main difference between a carafe and an urn is that the urn also makes coffee. A thermal carafe simply holds the coffee and keeps it warm, but you need a coffee maker to prepare the coffee in the first place. If you have a number of smaller thermal carafes you could theoretically prepare many pots of coffee ahead of time, store the coffee inside the carafes to keep it warm, and serve coffee from those carafes at your events. But I don't wish to see you torture yourself. With a 100 cup coffee maker urn you can make the coffee just once then take it easy for the rest of the event.

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