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When we say bank rolls people always assume it means a ward of cash or how the old school gangsters in movies used to say cash back in the day. However this kind of cash we are referring to means that you to the bank with a whole lot of cash to exchange it for nickels and quarters or whatever choice of coins you are need for.

The goodness of this form of bank rolls is when you receive the coins they are new and unused coins. Even though this form of coin collecting is a bit one sided because the coins are not really a variety of specimen like the kind you get when you look for the rare ones or the older coins. Instead these coins are new and are just the normal kind of coins, which will be good for someone who is just starting out in the coin collection business or hobby.
There are collectors who prefer to collect coins in bank rolls, by going with a ward of cash and handing it over at the bank and getting the new as-yet uncirculated coins which have not been taken by other collectors.
These coins you get from the bank might even have some kind of deformity which is a rare coin at best, because you might find the kind which has a double head or is mis-cast or some other such fault which can make it worth a lot of cash in a few years time.

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