Steps Involved In Student Positioning Process

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There are a lot of consultants close to the city who aid the families and students to have the best education for the cash spent. However, to choose the suitable ones always depends upon you. A decent consultant need to provide you with all the details associated to college funding services specially created for the parents and students to aid with career choices, college selection and financial assistance.

Student positioning has generally two steps:

• Step one involves providing the student access to online aptitude session designed to confirm and/or focus a student's career goals and subsequent major(s) to pursue

• Step two will be a phone interview with one of the professional career counselor. A discussion on choosing the right college and its realities will be held with the student under this step. One of the student's parents should be present to listen to the discussions and are also encouraged to ask questions. This is done to match the student to the right college based on the SAT/ACT scores, family finances, high school GPA, student's educational interest and the student's attitude towards life. The counselor give the list of colleges depending on the above said criteria where the student can join in and it is your choice to choose one of the options.

A good student positioning results in:

• Students focused on a possible career path and get clear picture on what to do after graduation. On an average, 1 in 4 students graduate in 4 years with most graduating in 5 years. Students are changing majors and/or colleges after enrolling which only adds to the cost and delays graduation. With a better planning, a family can beat this statistics.

• Selection of colleges that matches the student academically, socially and financially. The fact is that the students make the college; the college does not make the student. The possibility of student graduating is increased based on the proprietary methodology to apply a student's personality, aspirations and expectations of college and the parent's expectations of college etc.

• Realistic college application lists. Suppose, there are A, B, and C students, there are A, B, and C colleges looking for students. With over 2500 colleges in the nation, a good student positioning guide students to choose colleges that meet their criteria and that they qualify for. It is advisable to apply for a minimum of six colleges.

• Realistic expectations of the college experience. Counselors being the middlemen collect all the information on each college and provide this information to the students. They manage the entire family's expectations.

• Reductions of the overall college costs for the family. It is found from the records that the number of students graduating in 4 years are huge in number than the norm when consulted with the best student positioning counselor. Similarly, they are best in making available the financial aids for the families.

• A successful college experience for the students. Last but not least, choosing the right college creates student confidence, higher self-esteem, higher retention of subject material, more time to explore extracurricular activities, more time for growth as a person and family pride in education dollar well spent.

With the help of a good student positioning, a student can touch the horizon. Schedule a discussion with a good counselor today to select appropriate university for your child and get financial aid.

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