Social Networking for the HTC Freestyle

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A smart phone like the HTC Freestyle has great social networking capabilities because it has a good internet connection and guarantees that you can stay in touch with your friends. If you're constantly connected to the internet, it's easy to be updated as long as your phone has enough battery and signal strength to stay online.

Perhaps the single most popular social networking app for smart phones such as the HTC Freestyle is Facebook for Android. This application is basically a mobile version of Facebook on your phone and it provides just enough features to act like Facebook. Using Facebook, it's really convenient to stay connected with friends and share your public life with others.

The Facebook app for Android is already installed with a range of devices, and if it is not already present on your HTC Freestyle, it is easy to install it on your own. Most of the main features that make Facebook so pleasing to many people are present in the application, and the developer makes a great effort to keep the app up to date. The app itself is essentially a flow of information directly from your Facebook News Feed. This allows you to share status updates from the main screen, check out information added to your News Feed, browse the walls and user information of friends, family, and strangers, upload embarrassing pictures, and share and check out links posted to the site. It is essentially a miniaturized version of Facebook.

Another important app for social networking on the HTC Freestyle that undoubtedly maintains a huge impact on popularity is TwitDroid. TwitDroid is the standard application on Android for access to the super popular Twitter network. All of the well known features of Twitter are supported on the app, as are functionalities attuned to the specific capabilities of Android compatible smart phones such as the HTC Freestyle.

As you can see, the HTC Freestyle is a popular choice for smart phones and social connectivity due to the wide range of apps you can purchase or download for free for the phone thanks to Android. Regardless of which apps you select to facilitate your social networking, it is worth keeping in mind the wide range of accessories that are available for purchase to help enhance your social productivity. One example of such an accessory is a case, while another is a battery.

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