Free Minecraft? Test the waters of Minecraft Beta and why you should try this game

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I'm guessing if you're reading this that you've shown some interest in Minecraft, especially a Free Minecraft. I've been playing Minecraft since December of 2010 and I can tell you that it is one of the funnest games I have ever played. The amount of imagination and creativity that can go into each action is immeasurable. If you aren't aware what Minecraft is then I wouldn't suggest you buy it JUST YET. Try the Free Minecraft Download out first to see if it suits you. The game basically revolves around being able to "mine" and build up or destroy anything you want. There is total freedom for whatever you choose to do. The game was in Minecraft Alpha for the longest time, and only recently in the last half year have they updated it to Minecraft Beta.

The best experience I've had with Minecraft is being able to build my own world. Sure there are options to Download Minecraft Worlds and to have a preset program that instantly furthers you in the game. That isn't fun. The best thing about this game is digging. Dig, dig, and dig. Learn the recipes, scout caverns for which to build your masterpiece. If you rush into a server where everything is already premade, you will never learn how the game works or how to further yourself in the game. If you want to just test the waters of the game first, i'd recommend you to a Free Minecraft Download.

When you first begin the game, you'll notice you are in the middle of no where. This is how the game always starts. Whether you got Minecraft from Free Minecraft
or from a Free Minecraft Download or from the website, you always start with nothing. You can roam around the map, fight off some animals, and maybe even encounter some creepers. When you start to realize that there must be more to the world, begin to dig. Yes, digging is going to be most of the game, but you won't always be digging through dirt. To dig, you need a pick. To get a pick, you need wood. As you play though Minecraft you'll realize that this game is a lot like desert island. You've landed on an island with nothing but your hands and you must build up what is needed to survive. Sounds enticing? The game costs twenty euros which is about twenty five United States dollars but hey, why not try out the game first before you buy with Free Minecraft?

When you get your Free Minecraft, you won't be able to update automatically each time, but this is only to test the waters. If you enjoy the game, don't always use the Free Minecraft Download, purchase the game in order to support the developer who in my opinion does not really actually need more money; he's made a fortune already off of Minecraft. Though if you see the amount of updates he has given to Minecraft Beta and Minecraft Alpha, you'll understand why a Free Minecraft isn't always the best solution. In the end, always support the developer who is pushing out all the updates. In essence, try the game by using Free Minecraft and if all works out, I recommend purchasing a full license for yourself.

Lets talk about why this game of Minecraft is worth it. During the first few cycles of development, there was a Free Minecraft. However this was shortly temporary as when Minecraft Alpha was released, it became pay only. Free Minecraft was no longer available. During the days of Minecraft Alpha, creatures and new monsters and items would be added constantly. I believe this was the golden age of Minecraft. Although Free Minecraft was no longer available, the game was amazing. I specifically recall the time when the Halloween update was released and I was so excited for the update that I skipped school in order to update! The site ended up going down due to bandwidth issues and I had to resort to getting a Free Minecraft and play single player  until the site came up again.

In closing, let me tell you a bit more about Free Minecraft. If you want to try out the game, definitely try out Free Minecraft. It's the best way to see if you will enjoy the game before you decide to commit. If you're looking for the Free Minecraft Download, look no further. From the age of the Minecraft Alpha to Minecraft Beta, you can clearly see the hype of why this game has become an famous classic time wasting game. If you are not playing the Free Minecraft I have recommended, then my suggestion to you is that you start digging!

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