Game Copy Wizard Review - The Truth Behind the Software

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If you're looking for information on the Game Copy Wizard software that has become popular recently among gamers then you came to the right place.

As someone who has used the software before, I'll discuss how it can copy video games and movies and I'll give the verdict on if the program really works or not. It definitely sounds too good to be true, but I've tested it out and come up with a conclusion. After reading this article you'll be able to make an informed decision if you really want to buy this software.

The Game Copy Wizard software has the ability to copy video games to new DVDs, which is a major plus for me because it's something I've been looking for. I play a lot of video games and I can't tell you how many times I've had to buy duplicates because my discs got scratched, broken, or lost. Well in using the software to copy games it did a pretty good job. All games copied well and work perfectly except one. I'm not sure what happened with that so I made another copy and then it worked fine. The process does take quite a bit of time though, but for a backup I would say it's worth it.

Another feature of the software is that it can copy movies. Well there's not much to report here other than it works. I personally like it because I now have all my movies on my external hard drive so I can take them with me anywhere. No more carrying around DVD cases because everything is organized neatly in my computer just the way I like it.

I don't usually support programs or software because a lot of the time they make promises that they can't keep. I had a pretty good experience with the Game Copy Wizard and so far it's worked out fairly well in copying games and DVDs. I know have a copy of everything on a disc, which makes me feel more at ease.

In conclusion of this Game Copy Wizard review, I went over duplicating video games, copying movies to your computer, and the final verdict on if it really works or not. You should now have the information you need to make an educated decision on if you really want to get this software.

If you want to copy video games and transfer all your movies onto your computer then definitely check out the Game Copy Wizard. It's a pretty cool piece of software and it gets my recommendation.

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