Getting the Most Amazing Flying Experience from the Pro Flight Simulator Program

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Flight simulators are some of the coolest computer softwares out there and can provide anyone, young or old, with the experience of flying a 747 from New York to London. Not many people can actually have that real experience and it's a shame because it is one of the most amazing a person can ever have. To control a massive airplane and transport hundreds of people across one of the largest oceans in a matter of hours is a massive feat. The next best thing to actually doing that is to simulate the experience in a realistic and defining environment that can get anyone excited and that is what the Pro Flight Simulator did for me.

I've never been so immensed in a video game before, but flight simulators really are a very cool computer program that can literally take you across the world. Every aspect of the plane is fine tuned and made exactly to the real thing so you feel as if you are really in the cockpit. From the dials to the switches, every move you make can change the course of your flight in some way. The views of flying can be switched from the cockpit while flying to a third-person view when landing. There is no limit to the amount of detail you can go into when crossing the Pacific Ocean or cruising over the Eiffel Tower.

There are thousands of real airports and hundreds of different planes that you can use that all provide a unique experience. The whole environment is based upon Google Maps so every little detail is incorporated. If you want to fly over the neighborhood that you grew up in or soar over the Rocky Mountains where you used to ski anything is possible. When I first got the program I didn't think I could find my original house, but when I looked out the window I could actually see my neighborhood, which I thought was very cool.

The whole program is unique in itself and provides me with a new experience each weekend where I can go literally wherever I want. I've used dozens of flight simulators over the years, but so far this is the most realistic one that has gotten me to get excited over flying again.

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