The Zygor Guides Review - How You Can Get to Level 85 In Less than a Week!

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If you have heard of the Zygor Guides on how to level your World of Warcraft character to level 85 in less than a week then you're in the right place because as a customer of the product I will share my experiences. In this review I will go over the in-game guide viewer, the custom talent trainer, and finally how the software can adjust to your playing style. After reading this Zygor Guides review you should be able to make an informed decision on whether or not to get the product and if it really is worth what you pay for.

First off, the core of the Zygor Guides product is the in-game guide viewer that helps you on your way to becoming a top level character in Azeroth. The viewer actually ties into the WoW interface so you can continue questing with all of the sources of the software pointing you in the right direction. There's an arrow that tells you where to go to your next objective and even gives you the distance so pretty much everything you need to reach level 85 is right in front of you. The in-game guide viewer is what makes this product very worthwhile because it integrates everything in the guides right into the actual game.

Another cool aspect of the Zygor Guides is the custom talent trainer that gives you the most essential path to becoming an undefeatable level 85 character. It shows you the chocies you should make to become the most powerful character you want to have based on different aspects whether that be healing, tanking, or DPS. If you want to become the best player of your class at your level then the custom talent trainer is definitely the way to go. I've used this and compared it with other characters of mine that had different talents and I noticed a BIG difference. It is definitely something I recommend doing if you do get the Zygor Guides.

Finally, what I thought was very cool about the guides and software is that it will adjust to your style of play and decide on new paths to go on based on the decisions you make. If you start to level too fast then the software will adjust to your playing speed. This allows you to have freedom in choosing the direction you want your character to go, yet you are still provided with a very good character path as well as countless tips. If you're like me and don't like following guides exactly as they go then these guides are definitely for you.

Well, in this Zygor Guides review I've gone over the main aspects of the product that provide the most benefits to the players. The in-game guide viewer, custom talent trainer, and adjusting software are all reasons that make this the best World of Warcraft guides out there. By now you should be all set on whether or not you decide to buy the Zygor Guides, but believe me they drastically improved my gameplay. If you're even slightly interested in getting to level 85 ASAP then check the guides out here!

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