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Adult Friend Finder Scam Alert: Legitimate Or Not?

These days when men and women want to hook up for a quick fling or short hook up, they don't go out to bars or nightclubs--they go online. There are a number of sites that have sprung up in recent years that promise to help people find a partner in their area without the hassle and ritual of going out to bars or expensive clubs. One of the most popular is Adult Friend Finder. A lot of people wonder if it's a scam or a legitimate site that can actually help you find someone in your area to meet up with. If you want to know the truth about Adult Friend Finder keep reading or skip straight to the good stuff at

While there are a lot of people online who say that AdultFriendFinder is a legitimate and great site to use there are still some that claim it is a total scam. Why is there such a divide? Well in our preliminary research there seems to be a few reasons for this:

  • The majority of people saying Adult Friend Finder is a scam are men.
  • Most of these men don't know how to use the site properly or set up their profile correctly.
  • Other men don't put any effort into making the site work for them.
  • Some men (mostly older in age) get frustrated with the new technology.

While many people say Adult Friend Finder is a scam or not legitimate there are still plenty of men, women and couples using the service at sites like to find partners who live right in their area. So, while there may be a few people who can't use the site properly and therefore think it's a scam the vast majority of people are very happy with what the site can do.

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