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Many men have problems when it comes to dating.  They aren't sure what women really want or expect from them and with the shift in gender roles and attitudes, understanding the desires of a particular woman can be challenging.  It takes confidence and the right attitude to get the response you want from a date.

Most men who can't get a second date are making the same mistake on every first date.  The purpose of dating is to establish a connection with another person of the opposite gender on a social level.

We are offering some advice for men who are unable to relate to women in social situations.  If you follow our advice you may have more luck the next time you ask a lady for a second date.

Confidence Is Vital

A man or woman who exudes confidence is irresistible.  A man who is arrogant is completely resistible.  Confidence is the quality of being sure of yourself while respecting those around you.  Arrogance is acting like you are the only person on the planet that matters.  When you approach a woman, tell her you are interested and would like to know more about her.

If you approach a women and tell her all the reasons she should date you, you are unlikely to get a first date let alone a second.  Your lack of interest in the lady and her preferences is arrogance.

After you have introduced yourself, mention some quality about her that cause you to approach her.  Keep it non sexual.  Refer instead to her smile or her fashion sense.  Relax and smile.  Don't brag about your accomplishments.  Instead ask about her and allow her to ask about you.

Always remain relaxed and approachable.   If you are shaking or stuttering or don't know what to say, the lady will most likely lose interest.

Demonstrate Your Interest

Keep you attention on your date, especially on a first date (click here for more great tips on this).  Chose a venue that you believe your date will enjoy.  Don't just go with the dinner and movie cliche.  Use some imagination and tailor your date to her preferences.

When you're on a first date, keep the conversation going.  Find out about the lady's interests and passions.  If she asks questions about you, answer them fully and honestly.  Pay attention to non verbal signals.  Her attitude should give you clues as to when and if you should ask for a second date.

Make a point of complimenting your date on her appearance.  She probably put some effort into looking her best for your date.  If you can't make your date feel like the most beautiful and fascinating woman in the room, you're probably out with the wrong woman and she'll know it.

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