Men Dating Tips - 5 Ways To Improve Your Dating Game

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If you want to improve your batting average at the dating game, you need to learn the art of communication.  I you learn to speak easily and honestly with women, you chances of scoring are a lot higher.

It's easy to get into a rut and decide that women just aren't interested in you.  It's harder to face up to the mistakes you're making and fix them.  Dating is all about having the right moves.

The five tips we are providing are intended to coach you in the dating game.  They'll improve you approach and help you get that important first date, and if you practice, they' ll help you get a second date and then you'll be on your way.

Study the tips and implement then in your dating strategy.

1.  Good grooming is an essential part of attraction.  Do you want to date a woman who doesn't wear make up or comb her hair?  Before you approach a woman for a date, make sure your hair is neatly styled, your face is clean shaven, or if you have facial hair, that it is neatly trimmed.  Clean your fingernails please.  Clean neat clothing is an asset.

2.  Your mama taught you good manners, use them.  Treat the lady with respect and be on your best behavior.  No one appreciates rudeness.  Watch your language.  Vulgarity is a sign of disrespect and it reflects poorly on you.  Women like to be treated like ladies.

3.  Be on time.  It is rude to be late for a date.  If you are unavoidably detained, be sure you call your date and let her know why you are running late.  Never break a date at the last minute.  Showing up on time and properly dressed shows respect for your date and yourself.

4.  Don't get distracted or lose interest in what your date is saying.  Don't be afraid to get the conversational ball rolling.  You can talk about politics, current events, the whether or who is playing in Sunday's game.  Choose a subject that will get your date into the conversation.

5.  Make your date feel beautiful.  Women love men who focus attention on them and make them feel like the most attractive woman in the room.  She doesn't have to be beautiful as long as you let her know she's beautiful to you.  Tell her about the things you find attractive about her.  Keep sexual advances low key. The quickest way to miss the goal is to pressure a woman.

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