Top Five Monuments of India

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The monuments of India are as glorious as the history of India. They bear testimony of India's architectural expertise. Bestowed with extremely exquisite monuments, these magnum opus structures are epitome of Indian cultural heritage and legacy. Delving deep in the history of each monument helps you unfold many historical mysteries. These structures are much more than edifices of sand and stone. The monuments, either built by Hindu Rajas or Muslim Rulers, by Buddhists or by Christians are all very splendid. All the famous Indian Monuments narrate the the royalty and grandeur of the erstwhile sovereignty. You can experience the monumental legacy of India by visiting these places. These structures are not only symbolic of prowesses but also showcase a adoption and adaptation of various internal and external influences of culture and traditions. A perfect accumulation of these diversified aspects make the monumental history of India more remarkable.

Among many monuments of India some are:

TAJ MAHAL: This “tear on the face of eternity” and “a most perfect pearl on an azure ground” is an eternal epitome of love. A personification of perpetual love, Taj Mahal in Agra, is the among top seven wonders of world. Much has been talked about this most popular obelisk of Shah Jahan. The lovers, the poets, the romantics, the philosophers, the painters, the sculptures, the cosmopolitans everyone is just enthralled by the very sight of this masterpiece. This architectural wonder standing on the banks of Yamuna River has a mausoleum and a mosque in its premises. Visit the Taj and experience the awe of this sepulcher.

SANCHI STUPA: Visit Madhya Pradesh to see the stupa for experiencing the Buddhist art and architectural dexterity. The place is significant for religion, history and archeology. The stupa was built by the renowned Mughal Emperor Asoka. The place has more affiliation to Asoka than to Buddhism as Asoka built the first stupa and put pillars. The national emblem of India – the crown of Asoka pillars, with four lions standing back to back- has been adopted from here only. Come to this Buddhist site to rendezvous with the classical Indian archaeological heritage.

AKSHARDHAM: An architectural wonder in pink sandstone and white marble, this temple was built by the grace of HDH Pramukh as a wish fulfillment of his mentor Brahmswarup Yogiji Maharaja and Bhagwan Swaminarayan, the fourth successor of the spiritual tradition. This magnificent temple is the testimony of “Swaminarayan Sampradaya.” The temple has Paramhansa Mandapam, a theater, boat ride and a lush garden as its attraction.

KHAJURAHO TEMPLE: Passion and sensuality is personified in the erotic stone sculptures of Kajuraho Temple located in Madhya Pradesh. Exquisitely unique, the temple of Khajuraho, a World Heritage Site of India is constructed of granite and mixture of sandstone and granite on high platforms, several meters elevated from the ground. The temples of Khajuraho have a entrance hall or mandapa, and a sanctum or garbha griha. The best specimen of workmanship are the temples of Lakshmana, Vishwanath, Kendriya Mahadev, Jagadami and Chitragupta . Visit these temples to witness the artistic grandeur of astounding shrines.

RED FORT: An important landmark in the history of Delhi, The Red Fort or the Lal Quila, is prodigal of Mughal military architecture. This massive edifice in sandstone was built by the fifth Mughal Emperor – Shah Jahan. Enter the Lahori Gate, have a glance of the Chatta Chowk (then called the Meena Bazar), Naubat Khana, Diwan-I-Aam (hall of public audience), Diwan-I-Khas, Shahi Burj (royal tower), Rang Mahal and Moti Maszid.

All these monumental portents have a glorious aura about them. Visiting them will a wonderful and awesome experience as each monument bears a rich legacy of historical significance. Know about the kings, the haughty rulers, their sovereignty, the dynasties and mesmerizing edifices of archaeological and architectural marvel through monumental tour in India will take you across the charismatic heritage of bygone eras. s

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