Why Winter Photography is so Hard to Master

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Winter photography is probably one of the hardest photography you can master. This is usually caused by the fact that we set our cameras on automatic as a way of ensuring the camera does its own tricks. However the camera apparently does not like the snow because white is always too bright unless it is at night.

You have probably tried taking photos during winter time, which probably gives some of the best scenes you would ever wish to get on camera. Like people skiing, snow fights and many more. Well I bet you have tried to capture all this beautiful scenery but when you look at your photographs they are either overexposed or underexposed.

Well I have winter photography story that came to me luckily. I was in my backyard taking a family photo of the twins as they played on the snow. I got lucky as they were tired of snow fighting and were practically covered in snow, I told them to stand together so I would take a shot, after, I moved them to the backyard door where there was little or no snow and by one snap of my finger I got a great shot. You could still see the snow on them but the one on the ground I made sure I removed it. So I guess you could say take less of the snow and more higher shots this way even if it reflects it won’t affect. I forgot to say that I was in semi manual at the time and had set the aperture settings for less light.

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