GMO Foods Recall – Harmful Viral Gene in GMO Foods

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We all know that GMO foods are one of the most controversial topics in agriculture. Why researchers and experts are stepping back to give positive feedback about GMO Foods? Here are the shocking facts…

Researches have been going on GMO foods since several decades. Every time researchers are coming up with new health related issues. Last year, a research claim GMO corn risks leading to cancer symptoms and damages multiple organs in rats for exclusively eating GMO corn. As a result, scientists raised few serious questions about the safety of GMO foods and demand governments for GMO foods recall.

In the new research report, scientists claim they found hidden harmful genes in the GMO foods that stored on supermarket shelves. Researchers say it is "Gene VI" viral gene.

The European Food Safety Authority claims in latest research on GMO foods they found hidden harmful genes in the food that stored on supermarket shelves. Researchers say it is "Gene VI" viral gene and found within "Cauliflower Mosaic Virus", a common gene sequence used within the GMO industry.

EFSA mentioned several interest facts in the report and briefly described how GMO foods are unsafe for human consumption and the ecosystem. The study made research on 86 sequences of DNA used in GMO crops and noticed 54 possess Gene VI viral gene. Earlier, EFSA research on GMO corn found breast cancer tumors, liver and kidney damage in rats that will eat bestselling brand of GMO corn only. Research is yet to announce the effects of this viral DNA.

Gene VI will form by reducing a plant's natural defenses and the strains in this viral gene are more at risk to pathogens in the next stages.
The second shocking fact is that Gene VI causes food contamination in humans due to overproduction of allergen, a toxin, or completely benign in cells.

The EFSA researchers also claim Gene VI might result in unintended phenotype changes. The changes could be plants to grow unnaturally large, start singing, and eventually eat you like in Little Shop of Horrors.

Scientists strongly demanding for the recall of all GMO crops containing the Cauliflower Mosaic Virus until researches approved.

The EFSA and the FDA should pressurize the government to stop the production and sales of genetically modified foods. It is government's responsibility to concern about the safety of humans and the environment as well.

Professor of Cancer Biology at Imperial College, London, Mustafa Djamgoz says reports relating to GMO foods were scaring. London Professor added – "We are what we eat. I work at the molecular level on cancer. There is evidence what we eat affects our genetic make-up and turns genes on and off. We are not scaremongering here. More research is warranted."

GMO corn is widely used in United States while British consumers are not interested because of its impact on human health and environment. Several supermarkets in London and other locations in British stopped selling GMO corns. Only few consumers are feeding to farm animals like chicken, pigs and dairy cows.

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