Tips When Choosing A Daycare

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Beyond meals, baths and bedtime, if you’re a working parent, you also have to make the special effort to make sure your child is safe and well taken care of during the workday. Some fortunate parents have the opportunity to rely on grandparents or a nanny. But for many families, day care remains the best option for parent and child alike. A good day care brings valuable benefits for a child, but parents often struggle to find the right care taker. To make the search easier, here are a few characteristics you’ll find all good day care facilities will have in common.

A Safe and Hygienic Environment

Any great center should have a clean and spacious environment for children to play. Before deciding, make sure to visit the daycare center to check on the space yourself. Ask for a tour and be sure to check areas like the bathroom and kitchen that are likely to show the most obvious hygiene issues. Be sure to voice any concerns to the care taker during your tour, if they can’t address the issue, this is likely to be a red flag. You should also confirm how often each room is cleaned. Whittier Kindercare is known for its amazing environment for kids.

Children to Teacher Ratio

A daycare’s ratio of caregivers to kids is very significant. If the Kindercare you select has a low ratio of caregivers to children, your child is less likely to receive attention and care when he or she really needs it. Whittier schools, children and teacher ratio is perfect, so that every child receives the best attention from his teacher.

Trained and Experienced Staff

Depending on your schedule, your child will spend anywhere between 20 to 40 hours a week in daycare. It’s important to ensure your child will be receiving care from qualified caregivers. During your visit, use the opportunity to observe the staffs’ demeanor and attitude. Watch carefully how they interact with children and if the kids look comfortable and happy. Remember, it’s perfectly valid to ask about a care giver’s credentials, including previous or ongoing training. 

Great Programs for Kids

A good daycare provides different kinds of age-appropriate programs and activities. The specifics vary from center to center, with some focusing on a more structured syllabus, and others using a holistic approach to programs and activities. Check with the center about what their curriculum is like, including what activities and programs your toddler will be joining in. It’s important that the curriculum offered is designed to foster a child's development. 

Practices and Policies

It’s good idea to check the policies and standards of the daycare before making a final decision. Knowing upfront how your child will be cared for when they’re sick or if there is flexibility about pick up time will save you any surprise later on. Their policy information should also give you a clear understanding about how staff and care takers will communicate with you about your child’s behavior or progress, if it is an educational facility. Parents also want to be aware of how the day care interacts with parents about their kid’s progress.  All Whittier Kindercare centers have diverse ways of communication, you wish to ensure that the Kindercare you select offers regular feedback on your child’s progress.

Healthy Food

Your child needs to be well fed, and that means more than just eating plenty. A good day care will give your child healthy, nourishing foods. When touring a facility, you should get a good idea of what kind of food, how much and how often the kids are eating at your potential choice. Some day cares don’t provide food, which should be expressed clearly in initial conversations with the managers. If the Kinder Care has its own food plan, make sure to find out about the time and food items it serves.


Whether you’re asking friends or reading online reviews, a good daycare center will have a good reputation. If the facility is new or you weren’t referred there, you can ask for names and contact information of current clients and ask them about the center’s staff and the environment. You can also stop by during pickup time and reach to other parents and ask how happy they are with this daycare.  

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