Breadman TR2500BC Review

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If you are looking for an excellent bread baker then this Breadman TR2500BC review might help you make up your mind. There is nothing that compares to the smell of freshly baked bread that you yourself make. To make the baking process even easier, why not use a Breadman TR2500BC? This bread making appliance takes care of all of the difficult and complicated process in baking and makes it simpler for you. Let's check what this appliance has to offer and see why lots of people love to use it.

The Build: Like most of the Breadman line of appliances, the TR2500BC is made of solid stainless steel. This means that you can enjoy using this without any problems for many years to come. Its exterior is made of brushed chrome giving it an elegant design that fits well in any kitchen. This machine weighs at 21 pounds and can easily make a 2 pound horizontal loaf of bread.

The Function: Thanks to the help of modern technology, you can enjoy the pre-programmed 300 recipes stored in this bread maker's memory. Not only does it make bread but pasta, pizza, cakes and bagels as well. The controls allow you a total of 13 different settings to help you in creating your desired loaf of bread. An added feature is the patented fruit and nut dispenser, which helps you in adding all those extra ingredients with ease.

The Bottom Line: What sets this apart from other bread makers of its class is its quality and user friendly features. You will never find any other appliance in the same price range as this that offers you convenience and ease in making bread. At the end of the day when everything is all baked, you can easily wash this appliance owing to its non-stick surface.

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Breadman TR2500BC Review

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