Play station 3 not working? easily fix your ps3 troubleshooting problems

May 29, 2011 • By • 27 Views

Have you been searching the internet for information on how to fight the ps3 and the YLOD issues that you are experiencing with your ps3? I know how frustrating and depressing it is to have an expensive piece of hardware start breaking down after you have purchased it for over $400. Even if you didn't spend money on it and received it as a gift, it is downright frustrating to deal with a system that does not work properly.

If you are like me, right after the ps3 started acting up, you would be immediately blaming someone, anyone on the issue. I blamed my dog because he likes to chew wires because he is teething. One thing ran through my mind and that one thing was ‘ why did this happen to me"?

I understand the frustration that you are going through. This is quite a nagging and downright depressing time for you to hunt down cheap alternatives to get your ps3 troubleshooting and YLOD problems fixed. You probably have searched on the net on how to fix your ps3 yourself. You have to tread with caution when looking around the internet on ways to do it yourself because some of these methods are very dangerous.

In some cases, you have fraudulent situations when some young kid uses your situation to attempt to steal parts or sell you a quick fix service that he cannot deliver on. Trust me, this has happened. So much for your playstation 3 fix right?

If you have not yet searched for free methods online to fix your PS3 troubleshooting and YLOD problems then you have probably looked into sending your ps3 to Sony and get them to fix it since it is under warranty.

You see, most people feel that the warranty program is a scam from huge corporations and they are trying to get more money out of you. As a matter of fact, most electronic consumers believe it to be a huge conspiracy for science on how to get the most money out of the average joe.

As soon as the time clock ticks out, you are left with problems after problems  on your playstation and you are forced to hand over more money to get your ps3 to work properly again. What is even worse is that it will take at least 4 to 6 weeks until you get your system back. Just a reminder, Sony will have to remove all of your saved date from your hard drive.

If you are still reading this then you are feeling a loss of hope on getting your ps3 ready for the weekend for some serious blue ray  movies or gaming. There is hope. There is reliable solution to fix all of your ps3 troubleshooting problems which include the YLOD, freezing problems, blueray problems, and much more. This ps3 troubleshooting comes in the form of a step by step, easily usable video guide.

In fact it is so easy to follow that the average consumer whom does not have much electronic experience can smoothly fix a ps3 problem the same way the pros can in under an hour. This guide is actually the leaked method on fixing your ps3 troubleshooting problems from the Sony Corporation. So why not save yourself that extra $150 and the memory on your hard drive?

For more detailed information on repairing your playstation 3, please click ps3 troubleshooting.

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