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A little over a year ago my husband of over 5 years brought home a young teenage boy whom I then discovered on that same day he was introduced to me, that he was my husband's illegitimate son from an affair he'd had before we'd met!

Now, I'm all for forgiveness of transgressions conducted long before we met, but the thing that bugged me the most, was the fact that he'd decided to keep this poor kid a secret, until his ex, if I may call her that, could no longer afford to look after the boy!

You can imagine the things that went over and over in my mind, not to mention the broken trust!
Things like, was there something else my husband was hiding that I needed to know, how well behaved was this new boy in a household full of little and impressionable girls, could I trust my newfound step son with my daughters?

There were so many things going on in my head and, counselling aside, it's made me look at relationships in a whole new light.

I mean, I know there're infedelities going on in relationships, but those things seemed to only happen to others, such as my sister, who's always in and out of relationships, or my cousin who thinks she can only date older, and more affluent men!

All these events really made me feel so insecure and distrustful of my husband. Add to this the fact that now I had to look after a full grown boy whose background I had no idea about.

Think juggling a household full of girls and taking them to soccer practice everyday is hard work?

Try adding a teenage boy to the mix, and suddenly the term Mommy takes on a whole new meaning!

For peace of mind, and to ensure that my girls were safe, I started looking for ways to monitor my new stepson, without making him feel caged, even though I so wanted him to know I was watching him like a hawk!

Sure, you can hire expensive investigators to find out the truth, but they can cost you thousands of dollars. You can also install hardware on to the targetted phone, but this is an unstable method because it can be detected easily. To safely spy on a mobile phone, you really have to use software – trust me on this.

For starters, I didn't know whom my stepson hung out with, what they spoke about, and what type of biy he was.

The best way to quickly find out about someone, believe me, is to monitor their cellphone conversations, emails, texts etc.

Somehow, I was not getting anywhere with this, as my stepson, as new as he was, did not have access to a laptop at home, but had a cellphone.

I remember one day watching a news snippet talking about some cell phone tracking software you could use to track the activities of someone close to you.

Whilst this cell phone tracking software received mixed reviews from the public, I mean, who wouldn't be suspicious of such software, if they knew they were being monitored by someone they loved?

Anyway, I did a little internet digging and, as it turns out, in order to use this cell phone tracking software, you need to upload it on to the cell phone you want to monitor, then away you go.

Well, I thought this part was easy enough, as I was always tasked with charging the girls' cellphones, and it was even easier to get my stepson to hand over his cellphone under the pretext of charging it for him "in the charge room!"

The cell phone tracking software I used works 100% automatically after the installation process, and it's virtually undetectable and it's 100% safe and legal to use!

Once the software's installed on the cellphone you want to monitor, you can even monitor text messages; in fact, all activities relating to that particular cellphone.

Unbeknown to my husband, his cellphone was the first to have this software installed on!

Ove the space of 2 months, I played Nancy Drew to a family of 5, and boy was it agonizing, knowing that I was spying on my family!

Find out more about this revolutionary Cell Phone Tracking sofware here.

What I got out of this whole exercise, is that, if in doubt, and before jumping to conclusions, especially for those who may suspect that their spouses are cheating on them; always get concrete evidence, or proof, before making assumptions.

Paranoia can be such a strong force, and I was so sure my hubby was onto something, especially after bringing home an old kid as his, and that my stepson needed close monitoring, especially as I have 3 girls in the house!

As it turns out, the boy's harmless, and seems to relish the idea of being an older brother to my 3 girls!

I'm not really sure what I would've done without this software and, even though I've since stopped the monitoring, I can use the software whenever I want to know of the location of my girls at any given time, especially if they were in some kind of trouble, God forbid!

In closing, the cell phone tracking software I used worked wonders for me, but then again, this may not be for you, and whatever your circumstances, just know that the results may not be what you wanted to hear, and using this software can be quite a shock to the system, because you can literally hear the cellphone conversation between the party you're tracking, and with whoever they may be talking with.

It's literally like being on a 3 way call, and can be quite a shocker, to reiterate.

All in all, this cell phone tracking software's really brought me closer to my family, in a strange kind of way!

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