How to Use Humility to Build a Respectable Fortune

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Getting rich is something most people want to do without putting faith into action. They dream of starting a business and keep putting things off because of the current situation whether it be lack of start up money, putting in too much time on their current job and procrastinating on taking the leap into their own venture to financial freedom through entrepreneurship, or lacking time to spare for investing in their business venture. Some people actually prosper in their business venture by putting faith into action. The downside is, some succeed and possibly get arrogant along the way. This is not the way to go because truth is, the arrogance a person possibly builds in their heart while building a business from the ground floor up can be the likely result of their entrepreneurial adventure going kaput. This is why it’s important to instill genuine humility from the very beginning and keep it at bay while growing your business and amassing your business operations into millions of dollars. If you never knew humility, you better learn it now, if you want to prosper in any business you hope to affiliate yourself with.

So you want a respectable fortune from your business, right? Sure, we all do. The first step into building a respectable fortune is to always remember you can fail any time. Knowing you can fail anywhere in your business journey alone should keep your head on the ground. Failure happens to everyone and it is a stepping stone to greatness. If you don’t fail you don’t learn. And if you don’t stay humble you’ll never grow into the entrepreneur you hope to transform into. You might end up working for the rest of your life in a dead-end lubrication factory production job angry at the world.

Secondly, you want to always remember that someone out there can do exactly the same thing you’re doing but better than you. This is another reason why it’s important to keep your head on the ground and humility close in your heart, mind, and daily character in word and deed. People don’t necessarily need your business products and services. And that’s the straight truth. What’s so unique about you in terms of your personality or your business products and services that someone else can’t offer what you currently host at a better price with a better personality? Are you seeing the big picture in this now? It can’t be stressed enough to not only stay humble, but keep your business language-vernacular “basic.”  Don’t use sophisticated words or try to talk big like you’re on Donald Trump or Bloomberg’s business level when you’re not. Just be yourself. Dumb down to elementary school level when you’re trying to convey a message to people or relate to your target audience. This approach portrays a clear and concise message and image that you’re down to Earth and approachable.

When people have a humble picture of you and your business drawn into their minds-memories, the more likely you’ll get business when least expected. And if you own an Internet business, this can mean the result of getting business 24 hours a day even while you’re sleeping. Yes, your Internet business could still make money while you’re sleeping off the strength of you portraying a humble demeanor to your customers.

If you stay humble year-round, you’ll increase the probability of building a respectable fortune. All good things are worth waiting for and striving for earnestly and faithfully. The respectable fortune is not going to come overnight so get that out of your mind even if you’re starting a business online. There’s many people in the world today including some celebrities who portray a humble image and built a respectable fortune but are secretly arrogant. Don’t be one of those people. Folk have a unique way of finding out who you are sooner or later. Most importantly, as the same people repeatedly give you their business, take time to send thank you messages to those people without pushing a product service on them. They’ll respect you even more and feel touched in their hearts when they see you express gratitude towards them. The gain more respect for you as  the business owner and give you more business without trying to sell them. Sometimes all it takes is for you to reach out to a customer or someone in your target audience with a kind word or engage in light personal conversation and allow them to see the genuine person you truly are. This alone has a unique way of bringing new business to you when least expected. Stay humble and hungry!

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