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North Island in the Seychelles is one of the top honeymoon and luxury beach destinations in the world. The island features a four private beaches with lovely white sand and crystal clear turquoise water. There is also an impressive main swimming pool for guests as well as private plunge pools in the villas. There are just 11 exclusive villas on the island which are crafted from local stone, wood and glass.

North Island Seychelles is an ecologically friendly resort which blends in with the beautiful flora and fauna of the island. The granite rocks make a perfect backdrop which is interspersed by pristine beaches. Guests can easily find seclusion for those seeking a Robinson Crusoe experience. Forbes Magazine rated North Island as one author top 10 worldwide destinations in 2007. The island resort has won many accolades over the years from different travel publications where it regularly receives beaming reviews.

The 11 villas have all been individually designed to the highest specifications. Local craftsman have built traditional style roofing and wood interiors using locally sourced materials. The design has been carefully considered to provide visitors with the mate in luxury beach side accommodation. All villas have two large bedrooms with marble en suite bathrooms. The bathrooms have two showers, one indoor and one outdoor.

All villas have a large tub as well as a private pool and garden. There is even a massage area, internet, air conditioning and satellite television. The management and staff of North Island Seychelles are highly trained to cater to guests' every need. The service is friendly and comprehensive. Reviews on the internet rave about the excellent standard of service as well as the beauty of the island, and the excellent accommodation.

More than one North Island Seychelles review featured a comment about it being the best vacation destination ever visited. Reviewers are blown away by the combination of luxury and pristine beaches. Reviews of North Island Seychelles regularly comment on the beautiful decor and architecture of the villas. One reviewer commented that she found the villas to be chic yet traditional. She went on to say that every aspect of comfort and practicality had been thought about. The general consensus was that this is one of the most amazing places for a honeymoon or exclusive desert island getaway.

The Seychelles is the perfect place for a romantic break. It has great weather year round as it is close to the equator. They are more likely to experience rain in our summer months which makes this the ideal location for a holiday in teh winter time.

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