Denim trends: all you need to know about every style

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Jeans are, without any doubt, the most practical and useful item in everyone’s closet. From their very first appearance in the fashion industry, they became a basic need and have remained like that ever since. However, that doesn’t exclude denim from going to all the trends we experiment with season after season.

Because, of course, there are some jeans styles that are in, and some other that are definitely out. Let’s start from the beginning saying that, as much as you like them, is not the moment for your skinny jeans. If you love them that much, keep them for your tall boot outfits this winter, but try to go for other options. In that same spirit, lose all your low-rise jeans. Nobody is waiting for them to make a comeback anytime soon.

So, having this point clear, why don’t we take a look at the ones that are going to be around this season and for the months to come?

The flares!

Wide boot-cut for has been a very popular silhouette among pants for the past few seasons. They give the look that chic and elegant vibe in a certain way we’re all looking for. And when it comes to denim, these jeans make us have a flashback to the 70’s and that relaxed feeling they came with. 2016 flared jeans are now more detailed, less big on the boot and medium to high rise. They also have many benefits, because you can pair them with basically any top you have in your closet and every time you will look put together and taller. And speaking of heights, keep these jeans to be worn almost exclusively with heels. Because we don’t want you looking like Avril Lavigne when she was famous (and people actually liked her looks)

Running with scissors

Yes, fashion has been creative with the scissors lately, and the industry I certainly not hiding the evidence. One of the most popular jeans styles of these days looks like you crop them yourself. These jeans, with an ankle length, remind us of the capris we all wear in the past, but they’re not claiming a comeback because the style is totally different. Unlike the capris, cropped jeans reach a spot right above the ankle, which makes them even easier to customize. Just take the measures and do it! However, if you want a more polished option, you can find this model at almost any store near you. Take a look around them and see it for yourself. During this season, try your jeans with tall ankle boots so they can shine, or if you’re brave enough for the cold, pair them with your favorite pumps.

Patchwork fun

Another style that has been around for a few seasons, without so many fans, though. The main reason for that to happen is that it stands away from the conventional jeans we’re used to wearing. But the good thing is, they don’t have to be your go-to jeans if you don’t want to, as long as they remain a chic and trendy choice in your wardrobe. Another good thing is that you can actually get a pair that has two trends in one (what about a cropped model with patchwork) and that if you need to add ‘coolness’ to your outfit, this is the easiest way.

Mom jeans

My absolute favorite of the season and I think the seasons to come. On previous articles, I’ve declared my love for anything high-waist, and this time it will be no different. The best thing about high-waist jeans is that they ‘shape’ your body into the figure we all love, balanced and with a waist. And yes, we might have been experiencing an intense throwback to the 90’s for a few months, but tell me you haven’t looked at your mom’s old pictures and say: “I love how your booty looks in that photo”. Yes, we’ve all been there. And if we have the chance to wear them now, why not? You can totally pair them with everything, from sneakers and a t-shirt to a really cute top and your favorite heels. Trust me, you will never want to take them out.

A vintage beauty

I think it was 1997 the last time I wore a denim skirt. And guess what… they’re also back! And if you kept your old skirt and still fits, feel free to use it. Think ahead and place yourself next summer wearing it with your favorite t-shirt or the top of your bathing suit for the beach… or with a cute top for going out with your girlfriends. Of course, always be careful with the length… because you don’t want to be pulling it down every five minutes. If you’re a ‘midi’ type of girl you will find options for you as well. Just one thing is (or should be) forbidden here: denim maxi skirts. It’ better to leave those in the past.

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