Looking forward: trends you will want to have in 2017

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Every year has its own thing. 2016 is definitely a year to forget when it comes to the world situation, and there’s more than one of us wishing this few days go away really quickly so we can put all that behind. And it happens the same way in the fashion industry, of course.

These last seasons we’ve been seeing trends that seem not to go away anytime soon even though we’ve had enough of them. That is the case for off the shoulders and the 'sport chic' vibe that took our closets by storm. Keep them for 2017, but remember to use them carefully. However, there are new additions to your style that you might want to check out.

Bold stripes

Stripes are classic, but not always a trend. And as much as you may have some striped pieces in your closet, it’s always good to take a look at this trend because trust me, we haven’t seen stripes like these in a long, long time. This new trend comes with big bold stripes that will take over your wardrobe, which is the reason why you should choose simple accessories to pair them with. Go for the big kick: a colorful dress or a skirt, maybe with your favorite sneakers.

Ruffles all the way

I told you, some of the last seasons’ trends will still be a big deal in 2017. Ruffles are one of those trends, but they seem to multiply for the spring, becoming the main feature in some of our favorite pieces: tops, skirts, even pants, and jackets. Like with the stripes, here is better to go big or go home. However, one of the best tips when it comes to wearing ruffles is to pay attention to the size of these. If you’re short, try small ones. If you’re tall, the big ones are for you. This is all so you don’t look like the fabric is swallowing you.


We’ve been always in love with gold, reaching the point where we would love to wear it head to toe. But metallic for the next year is different. Starting in fall 2016, our favorite colors started to turn into the metallic so they could become more jewelry like. That’s how we have ruby, emerald, sapphire and more. Of course, gold and silver are still going to be everyone’s favorites, but these other options are excellent for the ones who’d like to keep thing interesting and look like a million dollars with just putting on a top or skirt. Oh! And one more thing: this trend will help us defeat a cliche: just wear bright items at night. Try to incorporate these pieces and colors into your everyday wardrobe, the world will notice and you will feel like you’re part of the royalty.  


Stop it right there if you think I’m suggesting a comeback of your old catholic school uniform. I lived that age in my life (for 10 years, to be exact) and I would never do such a thing ever again. In fact, I feel sorry for all the poor girls who still have to pull that off every day to go to classes. What I’m suggesting is a more chic, elegant and pretty way to wear pleated, that is becoming a huge trend since last fall and will conquer your closet next year.

This pleated will not only come on skirts, designers have been experimenting with this texture on tops, dresses, and even pants, to make them into flirty fun pieces that you can wear separately or with easy accessories (like sneakers with a midi skirt). If you’re thinking ahead, an amazing option would be a pleated dress in a jewel color, which will make your next party so much more interesting. Think outside the box and look for that special piece whose pleated make you feel original and comfy.

Romantic lace

Valentino has been doing it for a few runway shows now: taking the lace to a whole new level and use it beyond our intimates. Think dresses, tops, skirts, whatever you want, you can now add lace to it to make it romantic and cute. If you want to try this trend, look for different texture which creates a balanced look: go for a sexy lace top with jeans or a leather jacket. The trick here is not to overdose because you don’t want to look like your hitting the streets in your pajamas.

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