Trump style 2017: what can we expect from the new presidential family?

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There is no secret that the next period in the White House, that will be occupied by president Donald Trump, will have an atypical figure on his daughter Ivanka, who much people say is going to be some sort of second First Lady next to Melania Trump. And while the world has watched skeptical his rise to the power, they have all admired and talked about the style of his two leading ladies, both with important past steps in the fashion world.

After Trump won the election in November, pretty much every website and fashion publication in the world started articles and galleries on the First Lady to be and of course, the ‘First Daughter’. The first one is a former model who was known for her sexy and flashy style, which had a big change after she got married and when her husband announced his political campaign. During this time, Melania showed us a classy, conservative style, very likely to Trump’s ideas and political statements. She toned down her sparkle and let the new president shine. As for Ivanka, who is now a fashion mogul, the press has always been on her side. She’s elegant, classy and graceful, and her taste is impeccable. As she’s a full-time businesswoman and mom, she couldn’t be by her father’s side in every event, but every time she attended one, all the eyes were on her.

And now that we’re getting slowly to Inauguration Day in the United States the world is experimenting different emotions. Some people are afraid, some other are still furious, some others are worried. But one thing is certain, we are all curious about what Melania and Ivanka are going to wear.

These two ladies have no problem when it comes to choosing an A-list designer to dress them. However, since they started the campaign, a lot of these same couture stars have made perfectly clear that they’re not willing to dress them, especially referring to Melania Trump.  Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, and Cristian Siriano are among the designers who have publicly said no to dress Melania, either is in a polite or very strong way. It’s been rumored that Calvin Klein will be an option for the first lady, but what if we check some of her dresses in the past, to see if we can guess what she’s going to wear on the big day?

Fan of the big stars

Ever since we started hearing of Melania Trump (way before this presidential madness), this former model has been involved with the biggest designers on the market. Let’s not forget her stunning Christian Dior wedding gown, close to a US $100.000. Gucci, Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Balmain can be count among her favorites. This has gained her a lot of criticism, because if we followed her campaign trail, affordable clothes are not on her radar. Big fans of the Target and H&M collections better don’t hold their breaths, because I don’t see her toning down her millionaire style to please anyone anytime soon. Or maybe she can surprise us one day, who knows.

Not a ‘print’ First Lady

Comparing new and old public figures is easy to make comparisons and this time they’re bigger than ever. It was not even election day when media started comparing Michelle Obama’s style with Melania’s who finally won the ‘FLOTUS’ title for the next for years. And there is to say that besides the fact they’re both elegant women in their own way, nothing else in common pops to the eye. One of the biggest difference between Michelle and Melania is the love that the first one has for print fabrics, while the other one seems to not being a fan of experimenting with patterns. For many years, Melania has stuck to solid colors, neutrals being their all-time favorites. We’ve seen her mostly in beige and white, with occasional but beautiful switches to bright colors (like the pink jumpsuit from the campaign or that fitted red dress paired with a red coat), but it’s clear that neutrals are her favorites, which during the campaign was related to a supposed intention for not outshining her husband. Maybe a bright red for Inauguration Day?

Always in heels

In previous occasions, Melania has stated that casual style is not her thing. "I don't see myself going out in sweats, dropping Barron at school in sweats — it's just not my style, never was," she told Elle. As a result, we’ve had the opportunity to see her in very elegant outfits starring, of course, killer heels every time. One of her favorite models is the popular So Kate, by Christian Louboutin, famous for being one of the most uncomfortable but beautiful shoes out there. But like Claire Underwood in House of Cards (who I have to say, reminds me a lot of Melania) she works them with perfection.

There are still a few days until we get to know what the trend is going to be at the beginning of the Trump era at the White House, but we can count on the first lady to always give us something to talk about, fashion-wise, of course.

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