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This can be going to be our report on Local Mobile Monopoly when it's released in mid-March. We got word that Tim Donovan and Adam Horwitz were going to be rolling out your new Local Mobile Monopoly here pretty soon.

Here's the sale though. If you've been loitering this web site for just about any period of time, you'll remember our Mobile Monopoly Review.

Mobile Monopoly would have been a pretty awesome course that taught everyone in regards to the intricacies of mobile marketing. I know I took that course generating a pile of greenbacks to me as well as for my clients.

Local Mobile Monopoly will be the same manner.
Local Mobile Monopoly Review - What exactly is it?

My best guess now, is Local Mobile Monopoly will be about tips on how to perform mobile marketing services for local clients. Think:

* Pizza Joints
* Restaurants
* Cinemas
* Spas and salons
* Chiropracters
* Lawyers

The list goes on as well as on. The thing is the local piece is the place I've been living during the last number of years so I'm intimately informed about it.

In a sense, I'm sure Local Mobile Monopoly can look nearly as bad as Mobile Local Fusion by Ryan Deiss.
Local Mobile Monopoly - The nice And Bad

It's prematurily . to see whether Local Mobile Monopoly will be anything good or otherwise. I'm sure it'll be a powerful contender and I'll definitely be checking it out.

We don't have links in your case right now in case determined by previous successes, Local Mobile Monopoly is a winner.

I'll have a very Local Mobile Monopoly Bonus all prearranged for ya also. No doubt about that. It'll be pretty killer too.

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