Female Bodybuilding: 5 Top Ways To Help Women Gain Muscle

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Deciding to take training seriously in terms of starting to add muscle can be a whole new ballgame for women. More often than not, training with weights can be a scary prospect, plus, you need to get to grips with a whole new eating plan to be successful. These issues alone can be daunting. But, these top tips to help women gain muscle can help you achieve your goals and get the strong body you want.

For every woman getting motivated to start weight training is now easier than ever. With so many strength training benefits, who wouldn’t want to pick up the iron? That is especially great for every lady looking to get lean and strong. Unfortunately though, for those looking to build serious muscle, we simply don’t have the same amount of anabolic hormones as men do and therefore, getting gains is always going to be harder work for us.

Nevertheless, by following a few simple tips to help you make the most of training, you can maximise your gains.

#1 - Split Your Workouts

Some people tend to focus on a full body workout each and every time they hit the gym and that’s fine, many women will find they gain muscle this way. However, if you want to gain serious muscle, you should try to split your workouts.

You need to sit down and schedule your workouts. Try aiming for four times a week minimum. Of course, one of those sessions can be a full body workout, but try and make the rest focus on one individual area.

So, get in an upper body workout, a lower body workout and one focusing on your core - minimum. Or for even better results go further, leg day, chest and shoulders and so on.

#2 - Eat Enough

Low calorie diets are great when necessary and cutting is fine, but if you want to gain muscle then you need to eat to fuel your body. If you are not getting enough food, then you simply can’t realistically support muscle growth and recovery.

You need to ensure you get enough protein first of all. Protein is key to building muscle. Also, don’t be afraid of carbs. So many women cut out carbs completely, but they serve a purpose. You need energy and power to lift weights, so getting some carbs in your diet on training days is necessary. Obviously you need to stick to good carbs like whole grains, but you for sure need some.

#3 - Don’t Skip Rest Day

Rest is one of the most important factors in bodybuilding. Your body needs time to recover and grow muscle, without enough rest this will not happen. Moreover, lacking in sleep in between training can actually hinder your performance as well as your overall health.

Especially when you are training individual muscle groups to the maximum, getting enough rest and preventing overtraining is key.

#4 - Don’t Be Afraid To Lift Heavy

For women who generally want to get fit and want a lean toned appearance, lifting small weights is a perfect addition to their existing workout plan. But, if you want serious muscle growth, then you need serious weights on the bar.

Obviously, it is something you need to achieve slowly, adding weight as you go. You won’t suddenly be able to lift a huge amount of weight overnight. However, if you lift the heaviest you possibly can (while maintaining proper form of course) your muscles will need to grow in order to lift the weight. As they continue to do this, you can continue to add more weight.

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