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First off let me say I am in no way affiliated with Recently during my long trips from work I heard a radio commercial about Free laptops from The radio commercial was aired daily over and over almost on every popular radio station. I did not make a big deal out of it because nothing in life is free, right? Well turns out that from time to time you can get free (well almost free) things. I am writing this article because I saw many sites bashing the site for being scammers which from my experience is not the case.

Being bored I decided to logon to the site anyway just to kill some time. I jumped straight to the fine print and there is was, the dreaded asterisk explanation in their Terms of Service. Well turns out these laptops are NOT free but you can get them for almost no cost to you. The site will guide you through a few offers you have to sign up for. The beautiful thing is that these offers are all trial offers, meaning that you can cancel at any time and not get charged for them. So I decided what the hell, I will jump on the free laptop bandwagon. I mean they are on the radio so they cannot scam the general public as FCC would have a field day with the company lawyers. Their offers were quite good. I decided to sign up with Netflix which had 1 month free trial offer and the second offer was for a auto insurance quote (which did not cost me a thing). The next thing I know the site is asking me for my shipping information. "Oh great this is where I sign my mailboxes life away" I said to myself. But I was already so far ahead I decided to follow through.

Three weeks later.

As I walk up to my front door I see a FedEx "Sorry we missed You" card. I thought to myself "I didn't order anything" (totally forgot about the free laptop deal I went through). The address and name checked out so I called up the local office and arranged for a pickup. After the normal FedEx procedures I receive in my hands a box that was quite large. Once I got it to the car I look at the Senders Address and it said "" - My heart started pounding !!! I ripped the box open like a kid on Christmas morning and there it was. A nice, new & shiny Acer laptop. The funny part is that I am writing this article from my new laptop that was pretty much free (as I had to sign up for netflix). But in all honesty Netflix is a good service and there is no commitment. I can cancel any time.

I suggest any readers to check them out. Visit:

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