Locating Shops and Restaurants with the T-Mobile G2x

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The T-Mobile G2X is an Android-based smart phone with a good set of multimedia features and available apps. This amazing phone has many GPS location technologies that can assist the user in finding places of interest. The GPS of this device works with Android 2.2 and will locate the position of the user in real time. The positioning information is used by the Places application, a Google service that allows you to search for and find shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, gas stations, ATMs, coffee shops and other destinations that are nearest your real time location.

Google Places fill ups its database by allowing business owners to upload their location and other data into the Places system. Since the service was launched in 2010, millions of businesses have opted to join Google Places.  Through their Google Places page these business owners can also post up discounts and offers. There is no need to input your location because the GPS features of this phone will automatically track and input your data. Basically, Google Places works together with the Google Maps app. You simply pull up the map for your current location and then you will be able to see icons for businesses in your area. To activate Places, you simply drag the Places icon into the home screen. There is a menu screen that appears with choices like Restaurants, Bars, Hotels and it even shows attractions.

The Add option is an archive of locations that you have manually added into Google Places. Simply select the icon that you want to search for a listing in that category. For example, if you select Restaurants, you will get a list of restaurants that are near your current location. If you see one that interests you, select that choice and you will be taken to the Places Page for that restaurant.

A search box is also included that will allow you to search specifically for shops or restaurants based on specific keywords like the name of the restaurant or the type of food you are interested in. Therefore, if you are hungry for sushi and Japanese food, you can simply search for the keywords "sushi restaurants." The Places Page will generally include information like hours of operation, prices, parking and menu. You can sometimes find dishes or menus from the restaurant you seek. If you have the perfect place that you would like to add then simply just click "Add" and follow the instructions.

This is only one of the many great applications that are offered by the T-Mobile G2x. Other Android apps that come with the phone include App Sharing, Google Navigation, News and Weather, Videos and Wi-Fi Hotspot and USB Tethering. The bottom line is that Google Navigation and Google Maps are run by the internal GPS system of the phone. A variety of  accessories are also available. To find accessories, you can search on Google for keywords like a case or a screen protector.

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