Gardening Articles

Gardening Articles

If you enjoy gardening, and want to develop your garden, you can learn a lot from our articles here. Whether you are looking to garden inside or outside we have guides to get you through it, step by step. Grow healthy food indoors using organic nutrients. You can add a plant growth lamp for faster growth. Get the best ideas from our bottle gardening articles. See how you can creatively turn an empty bottle into something beautiful. You can also discover how soil bacteria contribute to soil quality.

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Ideas for Your Toronto Balcony

Ideas for Your Toronto Balcony

Outdoor living in Canada is a reality, even though the rest of the world might not think so.

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Geodesic Dome Greenhouse: Merits and Drawbacks

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse: Merits and Drawbacks

Description of the merits and drawbacks of the Geodesic dome, especially when used for living accomodation, and how they have been tested. Examples of uses with...

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As far as installation of the synthetic turf is concerned, you can opt for the do it yourself (DIY) technique or get it professionally installed.If you are not very sure how to proceed, then better take the help of a professional.

By: Mark Hurstl Home Improvement> Gardening l Feb 28, 2015

This article discusses some useful tips for beginners who fancy gardening and want to grow a vegetable garden in South Africa.

By: thegardenerrl Home Improvement> Gardening l Feb 27, 2015

Every home maker gives herself a dozen reasons for calling in home cleaning services, each weightier than the other. Perhaps, you too have some excellent reasons for hiring ....

By: jackjohnl Home Improvement> Gardening l Feb 25, 2015

Wondering what are the benefits that can be derived from having artificial grass for your residential landscaping? If so, then you may want to first have a look at the article below.

By: Bill Hatfieldl Home Improvement> Gardening l Feb 25, 2015

Today's society is always looking at the bottom dollar and how to save every penny so that it can be spent on something more important. Coupon cutters, discount watchers and other money-saving methods are hot on the market and taken advantage of by every class.

By: Bill Hatfieldl Home Improvement> Gardening l Feb 25, 2015

One of the best ways to improve any skill is to practice in the real environment while keeping it convenient, affordable and accessible.

By: Bill Hatfieldl Home Improvement> Gardening l Feb 24, 2015

Before taking a step into gardening you should carefully consider these factors and decide what plants are best for your garden.

By: Gavin Colel Home Improvement> Gardening l Feb 23, 2015

Garden or landscapes are important part of any residence or commercial property to add to its beauty.

By: james19sophiel Home Improvement> Gardening l Feb 23, 2015

In the professional world, first impressions go a long way. When you have clients over for important meetings, or when your employees come in to work, a spanking clean office is more likely to inspire trust and confidence than a place that smells and looks like a garbage dump.

By: watsondavidl Home Improvement> Gardening l Feb 21, 2015
Garden Engineers

Fountains have been in used for decorative purpose since the time immemorial. It is believed that these are in use since 2000 BC.

By: Garden Engineersl Home Improvement> Gardening l Feb 21, 2015

Blooms. Note: This article is about pruning bushes, not climers, trees, ramblers or pillers. Pruning at the right time can be just as important as how you prune. Bushes.

By: David G. Hallstrom, Sr.l Home Improvement> Gardening l Sep 15, 2005 lViews: 818,184
Steve Snyder

Why apple seeds don't usually grow when collected from apples. How to have better results.

By: Steve Snyderl Home Improvement> Gardening l Jul 05, 2008 lViews: 176,259 lComments: 6

Essentials of Ponytail Palm Care are very important to comprehend in order to cherish this beautiful looking ponytail like appearing plants. Ponytail palm is considered to be the easiest growing indoor home plant.

By: Jason Hobbsl Home Improvement> Gardening l Apr 04, 2008 lViews: 118,333 lComments: 19

Many people would love to grow fruit trees, so their families can pick fresh delicious fruit outside any time, not to mention that it ups property value. But, there are harsh rumors about how hard it is to keep insects away without harsh chemicals. It is just not true. In this article, I reveal how I keep insects away from my apple tree, organically.

By: Jamie Wheelerl Home Improvement> Gardening l Apr 22, 2008 lViews: 60,400 lComments: 6

The unmistakable signs of lawn moles might just be one of those sights that sinks the heart of anyone who's ever invested time and effort into maintaining a lawn. Lawn moles are a particularly unpopular pest because unlike most, they're very difficult-if not impossible-to get rid of permanently. In most cases, the best you can do is reduce their activity level and try to learn to co-exist somewhat peacefully.

By: Brian Jenkinsl Home Improvement> Gardening l May 03, 2008 lViews: 60,373 lComments: 1

Glass, Fiberglas, or plastic such as polyethylene, are materials used for greenhouse light; 20- to 30-inch panes are preferable. One of the most popular prefabs comes with 24- by 30-inch lights. If using glass, you need not buy Grade A quality. Double-thickness Grade B will suffice. Many old greenhouse books...

By: Gerald Masonl Home Improvement> Gardening l Dec 06, 2007 lViews: 52,350 lComments: 1

Different Types Of Greenhouse. After you decide that you want to build a greenhouse, you have to decide next what type to build. This should not be a difficult one to address, provided you know what kinds of plants you want to grow. You will need to answer questions such as: What...

By: Gerald Masonl Home Improvement> Gardening l Dec 03, 2007 lViews: 50,190

"Are they ready yet?" Yes, it's that time of the year when grapes are turning color and homeowners are thinking about when their grapes will be harvested. But.

By: Jim Brucel Home Improvement> Gardening l Sep 15, 2005 lViews: 34,923

Owners of small "commercial" greenhouses are alert for ways to save labor and stretch their producing areas. Read the tips provided in this article and you will be on your way to making a profit off your greenhouse investment.

By: Jimmy Coxl Home Improvement> Gardening l Dec 26, 2007 lViews: 34,651

Fig trees are fruit tree garden favorites. Buying and planting large fig trees can fruit the first year of growing. Two of the best orchard or fig tree garden selections are: Brown Turkey Fig Trees and Celeste (Celestial) Fig Trees. The fruit of the fig tree was well known in Biblical...

By: Pat Malcolml Home Improvement> Gardening l Apr 30, 2007 lViews: 33,635
Julie Cole

In this hard pressed economy, everyone is searching for ways to make some cash. I've luckily stumbled into an unbelievable way to make supplemental income from gardening. Let me tell you how

By: Julie Colel Home Improvement> Gardening l Mar 31, 2011

House plants need fertilizer just like all other plants specially since the nutrients in potting soil eventually get depleted and these plants are not getting nutrients from outdoor soil and rain. Do not wait until your plant is already looking "sick". Fertilizing needs to be matched with the specific plant,...

By: Ann McKeel Home Improvement> Gardening l Oct 10, 2007 lViews: 1,100

For many people, growing big juicy tomatoes is part of what makes vegetable gardening so enjoyable. Whether purchasing plants from your local nursery or starting tomatoes from seed, there are a few basic steps to follow to ensure that you harvest an abundant crop at the end of the growing...

By: Dave Trumanl Home Improvement> Gardening l Jan 17, 2007 lViews: 9,237 lComments: 1

If you follow this program, you will be amazed what your lawn will look like in august/september and the next year.

By: Hanks Somecottonl Home Improvement> Gardening l May 30, 2010 lViews: 207
Abhishek Agarwal

Are you an avid rose gardener? Then growing tuber roses must be your dream. To help you fulfill your prized dream, this article deals with all you need to know about tuber rose gardens.

By: Abhishek Agarwall Home Improvement> Gardening l Mar 02, 2008 lViews: 16,875 lComments: 1

Trying to buy hydroponic LED grow lights is a challenging task for hobby growers since you will find quite a few currently on the growing light market. With that being said, indoor gardeners should know the reasons why so many people use LED Grow Lights for their indoor gardening needs.

By: Mandy Malonel Home Improvement> Gardening l Oct 30, 2010 lViews: 513

On the market get 95% efficiency meaning that almost all light emitted is easily absorbed by growing plants for photosynthesis, to make led grow light more efficient new 2W LED bulbs have introduced. But you will not find this to buy every where as this is new product. many stores still have old 1W LED grow light.

By: ppadminl Home Improvement> Gardening l Feb 10, 2011 lViews: 195
Di Ellis

Learn what the most common pest and diseases are which affect frangipanis (plumeria) and how to deal with them.

By: Di Ellisl Home Improvement> Gardening l Jan 07, 2009 lViews: 10,996 lComments: 1

Although a poisonous substance to most creatures, the milkweed plant is the food source for the Monark Butterfly's young caterpillar.

By: Jim Prattl Home Improvement> Gardening l Apr 19, 2008 lViews: 2,540

The Marriage of Cannabis Cultivation and Xeriscaping - an eco-friendly adventure for all gardeners

By: joycel Home Improvement> Gardening l Jun 10, 2010
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