Health Benefits of Electric Cigarettes

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Smoking is very addicting. Even though smoking poses a great danger to health, stopping or abrupt withdrawal is very hard. Because of that, experts have developed a product that can help people go away from smoking. Also, using this product makes smoking healthier not just to the smokers themselves but most especially to those victim of passive smoke. The invention of electric cigarette is the solution to this growing problem.

Buying electric cigarettes can be a good start when planning to quit smoking. It substitutes the conventional tobaccos, cigarettes and pipes wherein there is no smoke coming out of the gadget. Nicotine however can be present or not along with the flavor of choice by the person who uses electric cigarette.

This product also goes by the name of e-cigarette or personal vaporizer and is invented by Chinese medical practitioner named Hon Lik in 2003. His invention prompted people from United States and most countries in Europe to buy the product.

Electric cigarette works by activating the atomizer or the heating element when the person smokes the e-cig. Then, it vaporized the liquid solution as well as the nicotine inside the cartridge or mouth piece. Generally, there are 3 types of cartridge which are the low medium and high wherein the low cartridge has 6 milligrams of nicotine, the medium having 11 and the high with 16 mg respectively. This is where intervention comes in. if the person wishes to decrease and eventually quit smoking; the person can choose to use the different kinds of nicotine cartridge. Gradually decreasing it would eventually lead to leave smoking behind. Over smoking is not a problem even if the lowest nicotine-content cartridge is used because the electric cigarette has a smart chip that gives out only moderate amount of nicotine when the person is using the gadget.

Experts believe that electric cigarette is a healthier option because it does not contain the chemicals which can lead to cancer such as ammonia, formaldehyde, acetone, tar and many others. These are all present in tobacco and cigarettes making the person are prone to conditions like COPD of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or cancer.

The legality of e-cigars is legit because it can be used anywhere in the world. Contrary to the conventional cigarette, there are places and countries wherein there is a strict rule about smoking because it can affect those who are not even smoking. But with the smokeless cigarette, it does not produce smoke nor did combustion so it can be use anywhere. When inside bars or coffee shops, there is no need to go the smoking area because it does not have flame not it smokes.

For those who are conscious about the environment, electric cigarettes are helpful the environment because it does not omit smoke which adds to air pollution. Using it makes the environment clean and safe to use and avoids harm to the user and the people around him or her.

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